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Antibody test & its types

Antibody (or immunoglobulin), is a protective protein produced by the immune system whenever any unknown substance (germs, viruses) enters in the body. It works for dismissal of the unknown substance from the body in order to keep the body healthy.

The Antibody test proclaims the presence of antibodies in the body and states that the body has acquired immune response with virus. The test is carried out on the blood sample.

At present, we offer two types of COVID-19 Antibody tests, COVID-19 Total Antibody Test and COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test.

  • COVID-19 Total Antibody Test is to detect if the body is exposed with the virus (like COVD-19) in recent day.
  • COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test is to detect if the body has developed immunity against the virus from the virus.

Importance of an Antibody test

  • To get clarification if a person has had exposed to COVID-19 infection in recent days.
  • To determine if the body has developed antibodies to fight against the infection.
  • To confirm if the individuals have been recovered from the infection.

Report Timing

The turn-around time for the COVID-19 Antibody test is 24 hours.

The antibody test for COVID-19 asymptomatic cases

A person who is not showing the symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, body ache, cough) is an asymptomatic case of COVID-19. One can take an antibody test for COVID-19 even he is an asymptomatic case because his body might be fighting with infection but showing no result. The test will confirm the exposure with virus.

Being COVID-19 antibody test positive

If the immune system develops antibodies for infection (COVID-19), then the report for COVID-19 antibody test turns out to be positive. It is uncertain to say that the immune system individually can guard you against future infection.

Individuals allowed for the test


Health Care Workers

Security Personnel or Policemen


Air Travel Related Staff



Industrial Workers

Municipal Staff

Non-WFH Working Office Staff

Press Reporters & Media Staff

Rural Tribal Population