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How Is Pandemic Flu Different from Seasonal Flu?

02.08.2020 Posted By : PathKind Labs Team Share :
How Is Pandemic Flu Different from Seasonal Flu?

Pandemic flu and seasonal flu both show characteristic similarities but there are major differences between the two viruses, their effects and how they are spread. Pandemic flu can be life-threatening and much worse than the seasonal flu. Both the flus result in respiratory infections and diseases however the extent of the spread of the virus in the body varies. When a flu mutates and becomes wide-spread it leads to a pandemic flu.

Seasonal influenza occurs because of currently circulating human influenza A and B virus and the vaccine for this already existing virus is developed. A pandemic flu is a new type of virus thus a seasonal flu vaccine is not a valid effective cure for a pandemic flu virus.

One of the important differences between both the virus is the speed of the transmission; seasonal flu has shorter incubation period (time from exposure to an infection to the appearance of symptoms) than pandemic flu. Both the viruses spread in almost similar way i.e. from person to person when droplets of saliva of a person are expelled in the air either while sneezing or coughing,

Seasonal flu, also known as ‘Influenza’ is more likely to be transmitted among children as compared to the pandemic flu. The novel corona virus is said to spread rapidly among the adults, especially people above the age of 65. It was observed that the children who have corona virus usually are infected from adults and they themselves are less likely to get infected. People at risk of getting infected with seasonal flu infection are children, pregnant women and elderly. According to the COVID-19 pandemic research, it is found that elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions are more likely to get infected with a pandemic flu.

The number of secondary infections branching from one infected individual, also called as ‘the reproductive number’ is higher for a pandemic flu. This flu has the tendency to spread faster with varied infections among different individuals. The symptoms of pandemic flu can escalate quickly resulting in severe and critical infections as compared to influenza which can be cured with minimal medical assistance.

When a flu virus goes through various mutations (changes) it results in a development of a new novel pandemic virus that one’s body has never encountered, resulting in people having less or no immunity against it. Whereas, due to previous exposure, people have some immunity against seasonal flu.

The early symptoms of both the flus can be similar such as cold, cough and mild fever. Pathology labs such as Pathkind Labs assists you to carefully evaluate and diagnose your condition; if your body is showing any probable signs and symptoms of the flu it is better to consult a doctor or get yourself tested at the lab to check whether you are infected with seasonal flu or pandemic flu. Our medical experts at Pathkind Labs helps you to identify the same to avoid further complications and critical conditions.

When it comes to mortality rate, seasonal flu can become a medium for other chronic diseases to spread in a person’s body resulting in fatal conditions. Pandemic flu has high mortality rate because people are not immune against this new strain of virus, resulting in the incapability of their body to fight and ward of the disease. The exact mortality rate of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still under observation and cannot be estimated yet. Mortality rate also depends of various factors like time since the spread of the virus in the body, accesses to medics and quality of health care facilities.

Seasonal flu and pandemic flu both have similarities however, the symptoms, recovery time and cure may vary. It is important to understand that both the flus affect one’s respiratory tract and can be fatal in the long run if there is medical negligence.

If you think you are showing even mild symptoms of flu, contact your nearest Pathkind Lab. We at Pathkind Labs offer all kinds of tests that help you determine whether your body is exposed to seasonal flu virus or COVID-19 virus.

Pathkind Labs offer government approved Diagnostic as well as Antibody tests for COVID-19. The RT-PCR test helps to detect whether you are currently infected with coronavirus while an Anti-body test detects the antibodies in your body, presence of which suggests that you were exposed to the virus sometime in the past. Our experts are highly trained for safe hygienic sample collection at the same time assuring accurate and timely results.

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