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Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test

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Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test

What is a CBC test?

CBC test also known as a complete blood test is used for screening a range of conditions and diseases, such as leukaemia, anaemia, bleeding problems infections and others. It is a panel of blood tests that are examined on the three types of cells that are found in the human blood. Measuring the changes in the patients’ blood cell levels can help the doctors to evaluate the overall health and also help to detect any diseases. The test measures the three basic types of blood cells in the human body.

  • Red Blood Cells - Red Blood Cells helps in carrying out oxygen and removing carbon dioxide throughout the body. A CBC measures the two components in the red blood cells. The red blood cell count, also known as the erythrocyte count helps in measuring the number of red blood cells in just a sample of blood. There are several ways in which red blood are measured. Two of the most common are:
    • Haemoglobin (Hgb): Is the amount of protein in red blood cells that carry the oxygen
    • Haematocrit (Hct): Is the percentage of the blood that is made up of red blood cells

    When low levels of haemoglobin and haematocrit are found in the blood it is often the signs of anaemia, an ailment that occurs when the blood is deficient in iron.

  • White Blood Cells - White Blood Cells helps in fighting infection in the human body. A CBC measures the number and types of white blood cells in the body. Any unusual increase or decrease in the number or types of white blood cells could be a sign of infection, inflammation or cancer.
  • Platelets - Platelets help in blood clot and also controls bleeding. When you get a cut & it stops bleeding, it’s because platelets are doing their work. Any changes in the platelet levels can put the human body at risk for excessive bleeding and can be a sign of severe medical condition.

Why do I need a CBC test?

A complete blood count (CBC) test is a part of routine health check-up. The doctor may also advise the patient if he has unexplained symptoms such as bleeding or bruising. The test can help in:

  • Evaluating the overall health of the patient: Several doctors request a CBC test so they can have a baseline view of the patients’ health. A CBC test also helps the doctor in screening for any health problems.
  • Diagnose the health problem: A doctor may instruct a CBC test to the patient if it has any unexplained symptoms like weakness, tiredness, fever, redness, swelling, bruising, or bleeding.
  • Monitor the health problem: The doctor may regularly order CBCs test to monitor the patients’ condition if it has been diagnosed with a disorder that affects blood cell counts.
  • Monitor the treatment: Specific medical treatments can affect the patients’ blood cell counts and thus, require regular CBCs. The doctor can evaluate how well the treatment is working based on the patients’ CBC.

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