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5 Signs You Should Not Ignore Your Child’s Stomach Pain

22.03.2018 Posted By : PathKind Labs Team Share :
Child Suffering from Stomach Pain

Stomach ache is one of the most common problems faced by almost every people around the world. However, even the most common conditions need to be carefully examined when it comes to children. Constipation, excess air or hunger can all lead to stomach ache in kids and toddlers. Though abdominal pain usually poses no serious complications in children, there are a few signs which should never be ignored.

Immediately call a doctor if you notice any of the below signs in your child’s stomach pain:

1.Bad Cough and Fever

According to a leading Professor at the Harvard Medical School, if you notice your child having a really bad cough along with high fever, seek medical attention without wasting any time as there are chances your child could be suffering from pneumonia. The stomach pain can also get worse causing a breathing problem in your child.

2.Lower Right Side Pain

The lower right side of the stomach is where the appendix is located. If you find that your child is experiencing pain in this area while coughing, moving, or taking deep breaths, it is a sign of appendicitis. Try putting pressure around his/her belly button area and if the pain gets worse, take your child to the hospital promptly as there might be a need of surgery.

3.Pain During Urination

Children between 1-5 years old are highly prone to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Contact your pediatrician immediately if your child feels pain or burning sensation while urinating or any uneasiness around the abdomen or bladder area. The doctor will recommend a urine test and treat the infection with suitable antibiotics.

4.Green Vomit or Blood

Be very careful! When a green color fluid known as bile (secreted by the liver) shows up in your child’s vomit, it can be an indication of intestinal blockage. This should never be ignored and quickly take your child to the medical emergency room.

5.Blood in your Child’s Stool

As per the leading child specialists, a small amount of blood in your child’s stool while passing a hard stool shouldn’t concern you much as a parent. But, if you find your child experiencing stomach pain after that, call a doctor immediately.

Keep these important signs in mind and take your child to a doctor at once if you notice any of them. Nowadays, blood sample collection facility is also available in small cities to get your child’s blood test done from the comfort of home. You can visit a blood test lab near you to test every condition the doctor recommends for your child’s safety.

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