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The flu, a cold or COVID-19? What to do if you’re feeling sick

02.02.2021 Posted By : Pathkind Labs Team Share :
The flu, a cold or COVID-19? What to do if you’re feeling sick

In these trying times, people are vary of every cough or sneeze. Even the slightest cough or mildest fever may mean the worst. It doesn’t help that Flu, Cold, and COVID-19 all present similar symptoms.

The symptoms of flu, cold and COVID-19 overlap- some of which are runny nose, nausea, muscle aches, coughing, headaches, etc. Hence it becomes difficult to differentiate. Flu is generally worse than a common cold with intense symptoms. People having a cold mostly have a runny nose and headaches.

One of the symptoms that differentiates the two is the lack of taste. COVID-19 patients have reported tastelessness as alone of the symptom which is not commonly seen in flu patients. 

So, if you feel the onset of a fever, but think it can be more than that, here are a few steps that you need to follow:

Start with a self-check:

In case of fever, use a digital thermometer to determine the temperature of your body. Make sure you wash it with water before every use. 

If you feel feverish, check your temperature. Anything above 100 degree F means you have a fever. In this case, stay hydrated, stay inside and stay on your own! Lesser contact at such times is better for everyone around you.

Call Your Doctor:

Yes, it may be a regular seasonal fever or a minor cold or maybe something just as simple. Regardless, contact your doctor and get it looked at. Don’t hold back or think you’re being paranoid. At such times, every symptom can be a sign and the faster you control it, the better it is for you.

Get a Shot!

Make sure you take a flu shot in advance. Influenza viruses (flu) weakens your immunity, so in the off chance you catch Covid-19 alongside a flu, the complications can be pretty bad for a person. If you have flu symptoms, especially with a fever, you can take a flu shot. It may not help with the current infection but acts as a safeguard against the potential second infection.

Take Your Meds:

Non-prescription anti-inflammatory medications can be consumed for soreness and muscle aches. Anti-viral medicines might prove useful if taken just after your body started showing flu-like symptoms. They may kill the virus before it spreads in the body. But whatever you take, do not do so without a green light from your doctor. Self-medication may sometimes be more harmful than the ailment itself.

Clean Up!

Even if it’s just a flu, it has the propensity to spread. So, even while you’re isolating, ensure that you disinfect surfaces and clothing to avoid others from contracting it.

Wash your hands regularly, because even if you have got the flu, there may be more bacteria on your hands that can cause further harm!

At such a time, getting a flu may be a scary thought. It is possible that your symptoms might indicate that you have both- flu as well as COVID-19. In such a situation, don't panic. Firstly, contact your medical provider or get in touch with a pathology lab like Pathkind Lab to get yourself tested. If you get a negative test, make sure you still follow safety measures to protect yourself and your family. If your test results are positive, self-quarantine yourself and visit a hospital for further process.

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