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What to do if your Testosterone Test shows Lower Levels?

22.08.2018 Posted By : PathKind Labs Team Share :
Testosterone test

Testosterone is the hormone which is produced by the testicles and can significantly impact the mental and physical health of men. It plays a vital role in giving men their characteristic features like muscular build, facial hair, and a deep voice, and also aids men in maintaining healthy bones, improving mood, and boosting the production of red blood cells.

Men have the highest testosterone levels during early adulthood and begin to gradually see decline in their levels as they age. It has been seen that as men reach beyond 50 years of age, they start showing signs of reduced testosterone levels in the form of lesser sexual desire or impotence, lack of energy, depression or anxiety, less muscle mass, etc.

Besides being a normal part of ageing, decreased testosterone levels are not uncommon in men at younger age too. Certain factors such as chronic illness, stress, infections, chemotherapy, radiation treatment for cancer, obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol, and medications used to treat prostate cancer and corticosteroid drugs are known to be prime contributors of reduced testosterone levels in men.

Undergoing a testosterone test at a top quality diagnostic center can accurately determine whether you’re suffering from declining testosterone levels or not. This will help your doctor decide a suitable course of treating your condition.

Firstly, a doctor will always try to find the root cause of the declining levels. For instance, obesity is a major cause of lower testosterone levels. Losing weight can address this problem. Further, changes in lifestyle such as regular exercising which includes resistance training can also improve the testosterone levels in men. Cardiovascular exercises also help in reducing weight which in turn can boost the levels of testosterone. However, these lifestyle changes are seen to be more effective in case of younger men.

Consumption of certain foods is also known to moderate your testosterone levels for the good. These foods include garlic, fortified cereals, tuna, beans, shellfish, egg yolks, low fat milk with vitamin D, etc. Ensuring a diet rich in vitamin D and zinc can greatly help you in maintaining optimum levels of testosterone in your body.

If you experience any symptoms of low testosterone levels, consult a doctor immediately. Based on your pathlab test results, your doctor will be able to attack the root cause of the problem which will help you in increasing your testosterone levels. Your doctor might also recommend a semen test to track parameters such as sperm count, concentration, and motility in order to ensure best possible treatment of your problem. 


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