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Our home has only collection center nearby, lab is far from the place. Will my sample will be safe for getting tests done?

Be 100% assured, we at Pathkind are Committed for accurate reporting and that's why incorporated "Sahi Janch" as one of our core values. We use latest and state of the art technology in maintaining the required temperature and environment for sample transportation, to ensure accurate results in shortest time.

Are there any Home Collection charges?

Home collection charges may or may not be applicable as per the running offers and depending on the areas, for best and updated information kindly call us at 782-784-4444

Can we add/reduce/change test when phlebotomist visit our home?

We would suggest that you should inform about the test while booking Home Collection, though you can add or change the tests during the visit too. However there might be certain tests for which Home Collection of sample is not possible as sample has to be given at lab in supervision of specialist or doctor.

Can I get my Hard Copy of reports at my home?

We believe in giving accurate results within shortest of the time frame, therefore our reports are sent automatically on your registered e-mail after Authorization. Adding to this in case needed, we can send the copy of your report through our call center to your registered mail id.

In case you need hard copy of the report you can collect that from your nearest collection center or Lab.

Does your doctor’s / company provide consultation facility also post reporting?

As of now we are serving our customers by providing Timely and Accurate report with affordable pricing. Our doctors are more than happy to provide or discuss any details pertaining to the test result, however specifically consultation service are not carried out.


Can I get local number for queries pertaining to our test and reports?

To serve our customers better and provide standardized WOW experience, we have kept our customer service centralized. You can contact us anytime 8 Am To 8 PM and we will be more than happy to serve your needs.

Can I Get Phlebotomist number at time of booking Home Collection?

As the schedule for phlebotomist is dynamic assigned through back end system. So it is difficult to provide specific number. However, the person who gets the collection assigned by the system will call you before coming. Be assured all our phlebotomists are well trained and qualified in sample collection, so quality and experience will always be excellent.

How can I provide feedback to PathKind labs?

You can provide feedback to Pathkind Labs with any of the below mentioned options - 

1) Reach out to our Customer Care Team at our Toll Free Number - 782-784-4444

2) Each Pathkind Lab and Collection Centres are equipped with suggestion boxes and Forms. You can visit these respective Lab / Centre and fill-in the the feedback form and drop in the Suggestion box.

3) Our Website also have a dedicated link for your valuable Feedback

4) You can evan drop us an email with your detailed feedback at our email id - care@pathkindlabs.com

How many types of Centres does PathKind labs have?

Path Kind labs has a 4-tiered structure.

At the top of the pyramid is the state of the art reference lab located at Gurgaon, which has the infrastructure and technical team to perform routine as well as super specialised tests.

Network labs are located at major cities and will perform routine as well as some specialized tests. Super specialised tests will be referred to the Reference lab at Gurgaon.

Rapid response labs are located in smaller cities and towns and will perform most of the routine tests requested. Specialised and super specialised tests will be referred to the nearest Network Lab and further on to the Reference lab as per requirement.

Collection Centres are exclusive collection points located at strategic locations from where all samples collected will be transported to the nearest lab – RRL, network lab or reference lab, by our own dedicated logistics team.

Who are Phlebotomist? What do they do?

The phlebotomist's primary role is to collect blood from patients ensuring the most accurate and reliable test results possible. The phlebotomist is cross-trained in venipuncture, capillary collection, and patient care (among other related areas).

Phlebotomists are important members of the health care team. They are representatives of the laboratory and the health care center, are in direct contact with the patient, and perform tasks that are critical to the patient's diagnosis and care.

How to book appointment for home blood collection?

You can contact our customer care group (CCG) at 782-784-4444 , Our team will schedule an appointment for blood collection. Normally Phlebotomy services are provided Monday–Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m & on Sunday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m

Will we be billed if the participant cancels or the phlebotomist is unable to obtain blood flow?

There will be no charge if an appointment has to be cancelled/reschedule. Unless the phlebotomist is able to obtain blood flow, there will be no charge.

What is haematoma and what to do if hematoma occurred during sample collection?

Ideally, once blood is collected, you should apply constant pressure at the site for five minutes without folding your arm. Haematoma is localised collection of blood around the puncture site. It occurs if there is a counter puncture or oozing of blood. Apply ice pack locally to decrease collection of blood and Thrombo phobe ointment (Don’t rub, just apply it with cotton gently) subsequently.

What is Hemolysis?

Hemolysis is the breakage of RBC’s membrane, causing release of the haemoglobin and other internal components into the surrounding fluid.

  • Visually pink to red tinge in serum or plasma.
  • May compromise the laboratory’s test result.
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