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At Pathkind Labs, we specialise in providing comprehensive corporate wellness services that promote employee health and well-being. Our tailored programs are designed to enhance productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and foster a positive work culture. With our expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in achieving a Healthier and happy workforce is a productive workforce.

Investing in Employee Health and Productivity

Here's why investing in employee health is crucial for enhancing productivity and driving organisational success:

Investing in Employee Health and Productivity
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Why Choose Our Corporate Wellness Programs?

 How Useful Is the Body Mass Index in Detecting Obesity?

Enhanced Employee

Investing in employee health leads to improved overall well-being and job satisfaction, resulting in a more motivated and engaged workforce.

 How Useful Is the Body Mass Index in Detecting Obesity?

Reduced Healthcare

By focusing on prevention and early intervention, you can significantly reduce long-term healthcare costs for your organisation.

 How Useful Is the Body Mass Index in Detecting Obesity?

Increased Employee

Our wellness programs contribute to higher employee retention rates by fostering a supportive and caring work

 How Useful Is the Body Mass Index in Detecting Obesity?

Positive Work

Emphasising wellness creates a positive work culture that promotes employee happiness, teamwork, and

Tailored Wellness Programs to Fit Your Organization

Customised Packages

We create personalised wellness programs that address the specific health needs of your employees, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Program Design

Our experienced team excels in designing and implementing effective corporate wellness initiatives tailored to your organisation's goals and values.

Ongoing Support

We provide continuous guidance and support throughout the implementation of our wellness programs, ensuring their long-term success.


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What Our
Customers Say

We're satisfying our customers every day since 2016

Reliable lab and prompt service. And also stable hand behind needle.

Mr. Ghumare Vijay

The services that I receive from pathkind is excellent. Dr. Suraj valekar and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health . I would have no qualms in recommending them to friendly and friends.

Mr. Abhishek Gondgire

Good service. Good staff. Trustful. Truly professional.

Ms. Nagina Shaikh

Excellent services - Had called them up for home visit for blood sample collection . Appreciate that they are following the Covid Safety Rules yet. Laboratory technician was on Time and Polite.

Ms. Rajni Sadhwani

Extremely neat and clean place. Very polite staff. Superior attention in urgencies. Priorities to Sr Citizen along with home visits for sample collections.

Mr. Anand Borkar

While there are several labs around claiming to give best services at best prices, pathkind labs stands miles apart. I recently required an urgent test to be done and wanted the report asap. I was surprised and overwhelmed with pathkind responsiveness. They not only sent the person for collection within 20 mins but also provided the report within 4 hrs. This really helped in planning the medical intervention immediately. I called the other labs too. But none of them assured me for immediate collection and were giving the report at the end of the day.

Mr. Sumit Mathur

5 stars to Udyog Vihar center. It's open 24*7, so if you need to take COVID test for international travel, you can visit it anytime. Carry your passport along with you. Sample collection happens in drive through, so you won't even have to get out of car. The rates are nominal and report comes in 12 hours.

Mr. Rohit Mishra

During covid days, my relatives and I have drove in to give samples atleast half a dozen times. Each time it has been hassle free and received reports bang on time. They accept all forms of payment as well. Haven't experienced home collection or reporting on other non-covid teams.

Ms. Priyadarshi

People stand in queue and then register themselves for cocid rtpcr test. They allow gpay and paytm as well. You get the bottle and go near gate. There is a person with full medical suit, he will take the swab and take sample from mouth first and then to your nose. That's it, report will come next day online.

Mr. Ankar Pajamale

Amazing response the booking was quick and hassle free , the phlebotomist came on time , was wearing all the right ppe and the process was quick , the reports came the next afternoon, very quick and professional service.

Mr. Abhijeet Raghuvanshi

Service is good, affordable pricing and timely report, overall experience was very good.

Mr. Abishek Tappo

Well everything is fine and I don't think you need to change anything.

Ms. Akriti Verma

Great Experience, Best Quality Product and Best Results.

Mr. Vikas Sapkal

In my area, your lab is awesome & staff behavior is very nice and helpful.

Ms. Sonam Srivastava

Very polite staff.

Mr. Ramprasad Jadhav

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our health check-up camps usually last for a few hours, allowing us to perform a comprehensive assessment within a short timeframe.

Yes, for most tests, fasting for a specific duration (usually overnight) is necessary to ensure accurate results.

Yes, we prioritise patient confidentiality, and all test results are kept strictly confidential.

It's advisable to follow the fasting guidelines provided until all necessary tests and consultations are completed.

Yes, children can participate in our health check-up camps, and we provide age-appropriate tests and consultations.

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