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Prolactin (PRL)

Prolactin (PRL)


Prolactin Test Overview 

Prolactin (PRL) is a hormone in your blood. Its test helps detect its level. The pituitary gland makes this hormone in your body and it is normally present in women. However, it may also be present in the blood of some men.Most women have a higher level of prolactin when they are pregnant. But you may have it even if you are not pregnant. Your doctor will advise you to take a prolactin test based on your gender and the symptoms you display.

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Frequently asked questions

The procedure for Prolactin (PRL) test is simple and straightforward. No prior arrangements are necessary for it. A lab representative collects your sample by inserting a needle into your vein. Thereafter, they take it to their laboratory for its testing. You get the results of your test in a few days.

The effects of an unusual level of prolactin in your body will affect you depending on your gender. If you are a male individual, it will reduce the level of testosterone in your body. Plus, it could also diminish the production of sperm in the body and cause osteoporosis. If you are a female individual, a high level of prolactin will interfere with the release of eggs alongside reducing the level of estrogen in your body.

From the time of the completion of your adolescence to 40 years old, you may need to take a prolactin test at any point in time. You can decide on the right time to take the test by observing the symptoms.

A level of prolactin corresponding to 2-18 ng/mL in pregnant women, 2-29 ng/mL in nonpregnant, and 2-18 ng/ml in males indicates normal test results.

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