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Dengue Duo Rapid Test

Dengue Duo Rapid Test

Includes: 3 Parameters

Dengue Duo Rapid Test Overview

Dengue which is spread by mosquitos is seen mostly in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Moderate dengue fever is chara

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Test Details (Parameters included : 3)

Parameter No. of Parameter


Dengue Duo Rapid Test



7:00 PM (Daily)

2ml Refrigerated

Frequently asked questions

Dengue fever symptoms begin four to ten days after being bitten by a mosquito and might persist for three to seven days.

Dengue fever symptoms last three to seven days. The majority of people begin to feel better after treatment, but a few people with acute dengue is life-threatening and requires immediate care and treatment.

Yes, You can have dengue more than once since there are at least four types of the virus.

The vaccine (Dengvaxia) is licenced for people aged 9 to 16 who have had at least one bout of dengue fever. Receiving the vaccine appears to increase the risk of severe dengue fever and hospitalisation due to dengue fever among patients who have never had dengue fever before.

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