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Bilirubin (Total, Direct & Indirect)

Bilirubin (Total, Direct & Indirect)

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Bilirubin Total (Direct & Indirect) Test

The Bilirubin Total test checks the amount of a yellow pigment in the blood. This pigment, called bilirubin, is created when red blood cells break down. The test helps see how well the liver is working and detects issues affecting the liver or blood. Bilirubin comes in two forms: indirect (not processed) and direct (processed). The total bilirubin measurement includes both.

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Serum Bilirubin (Indirect) Bilirubin Direct Bilirubin Total

Frequently asked questions

Yes, certain medications can affect bilirubin test results. It is important to inform your
healthcare provider of all medications you are currently taking before the test.

Fasting is not required for the bilirubin test, but you may be instructed to fast for a certain
period before the test, typically 8-12 hours.

The procedure of drawing blood for a bilirubin test is usually not painful, but some people
may experience mild discomfort or bruising at the puncture site.

The bilirubin test has very little risk. Pain or discomfort at the puncture site is the most typical
danger. The spot where the needle was put may develop a tiny bruise.

It usually takes a few days for the results of a bilirubin test to be ready. When the test
findings are ready and how to get them will be communicated to you by your healthcare

Anemia, liver or gallbladder illness, haemolytic anaemia, bile duct inflammation and other
diseases can all be indicated by elevated bilirubin levels. It is crucial to speak with your
doctor in order to interpret your test findings in light of your general health and any
symptoms you may be feeling.

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