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The Role Of Bilirubin In Diagnosing Liver Ailments

By: Pathkind Labs 24 Feb 2023 149 Views
Bilirubin In Diagnosing Liver Ailments

Bilirubin is a substance produced as a by-product during the breakdown of red blood cells (RBCs). When new red blood cells are generated during the simultaneous destruction of these cells, the body starts secreting bilirubin. It is a liver fluid that is yellowish and found in bile. The primary job of this substance is to digest food.

The liver is considered healthy when most of the bilirubin is removed from the body. Damage in the liver can let the bilirubin leak into the blood. When more bilirubin gets combined into the bloodstream, it could lead to health problems. Also, the excretion of bilirubin in urine may happen, which imparts a dark colour.

What is bilirubin test- this is a question quoted by many. It is conducted to find its presence in the blood. High bilirubin raises problems that need a timely diagnosis. You can get this test done from any of the Pathkind Labs branches. The best part is you can book from home and get the test done in your comfort space. We have over 2000 collection setups where every test is carried out precisely. Book your tests now and get accurate results the quickest!

What makes the bilirubin test important?

The bilirubin test primarily identifies the bilirubin levels in the blood. If high bilirubin causes acute jaundice in infants and adults. By knowing the test results of the bilirubin test and the information about the jaundice symptoms, doctors can proceed to check the liver for diagnosing diseases.

The bilirubin test is also beneficial in finding liver complications in newborns. Their livers are immature and do not have the capability to eliminate bilirubin. If newborns have infant jaundice, they are detectable with a bilirubin test. When the levels increase, it could lead to brain damage. So, doctors recommend this test within a few days of birth.

In addition to other tests, a bilirubin test is conducted in order to diagnose the conditions below.

  • Cirrhosis, Hepatitis
  • Blockage in the structures that carry bile from the liver
  • Monitor existing disorders in liver
  • Disorders related to red blood cells production
  • For examining a patient with a history of alcoholism
  • Assessing patients with drug toxicity

Testing procedures for bilirubin levels

A patient is examined for bilirubin levels through a urine bilirubin test or with blood samples. Usually, the levels of bilirubin are declared in milligrams per deciliter.

Bilirubin blood test

The blood sample is collected from the vein using a needle and will not take more than a few minutes. For infants, a small blood sample is commonly collected from an infant’s heel.

Bilirubin urine test

A small container is provided to the patient to collect the urine sample for bilirubin urine test. By knowing the additional instructions of the health care provider, collecting a clean urine sample is possible.

The professional gets the samples for proceeding with the bilirubin level analysis to determine the results with reports.

How to prepare for the bilirubin test?

Below are the precautionary measures for undergoing any bilirubin tests:

  • Doctors commonly advise their patients to fast for at least four hours before the test procedure.
  • It is crucial to clean the genital area before you provide urine samples for a bilirubin test. A patient’s existing medication can yield a false-positive result.
  • Avoid sampling for the bilirubin urine test when menstruating.
  • bilirubin in urine or bloodstream is tested. The medicines include,
  1. Birth control pills
  2. Steroids
  3. Barbiturates
  4. Sulfonamides
  5. Diuretics

What do the test reports explain?

When the reports interpret a higher bilirubin level, it might be indicative of a dysfunctioning liver. Other reasons are food habits, medication, and workouts. At times, the increase in bilirubin may be an indicator of the disorders related to red blood cells. Also, abnormal results might not demand treatment of the liver through medicines.

In normal conditions, bilirubin is not secreted in the body, but when it does, it is a sign of liver damage or adhering complications. In newborns, a slight elevation in bilirubin levels should be addressed at the earliest as it could result in brain cell damage causing eye problems, hearing disabilities, and serious problems concerning learning and development.

Other tests suggested with the bilirubin test

Doctors recommend other testing procedures to conclude the illness in a patient that includes,

  • Albumin and total protein - Albumin levels, which is a protein produced by the liver, indicate the wellness of your liver. These proteins are responsible for fighting against infections and other liver functions. Lower the value larger the possibility of liver disorders.
  • Liver function tests - These tell the particular protein or enzyme levels in the blood.
  • Prothrombin test - It is a test to measure the clotting time taken by plasma.

Get these test results along with the bilirubin test report from Pathkind Labs that can help in diagnosing liver ailments effectively. Patients can trust the accuracy of Pathkind Labs results and proceed with doctor consultation for appropriate treatment. Consult your doctor for more information regarding the test procedure and its results for curing your liver problems.

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