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Stool Occult Blood

Stool Occult Blood

No special preparation required

A medical test called a stool occult blood test looks for concealed (occult) blood in the stool. Small amounts of blood that might not be apparent to the naked eye can be found using this test.

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Frequently asked questions

The stool occult blood test is used to identify whether a stool sample contains concealed
(occult) blood. This could be a sign of gastrointestinal bleeding, which can be brought on by
several illnesses such as ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, or haemorrhoids.

A little stool sample is taken for the test, and it is then applied to a particular card or testing
strip. The test strip is subsequently delivered to a lab for evaluation.

Before taking the sample, you should refrain from taking any medications or meals that
might affect the test's outcomes. Specific preparation instructions for the test will be given by
your doctor or the lab.

Depending on the test's kind and the lab conducting the analysis, its accuracy can change. It
is crucial to carefully adhere to the directions for collecting and managing the sample
because false positive and false negative results can happen.

The presence of concealed blood in the stool, which may be a symptom of digestive system
bleeding, is indicated by a positive result. To ascertain the root of the issue and the best
course of action, it is crucial to follow up with a healthcare practitioner.

If the test is negative, there was no evidence of any concealed blood in the stool sample.
This does not imply that there is no underlying problem because there can be additional
reasons for digestive tract bleeding that this test misses.
A healthcare expert should be consulted for a thorough analysis of your test results and to
decide the best course of action.

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