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Culture, Urine

Culture, Urine

Includes: 6 Parameters

Culture Urine Test Overview

A culture urine test is a laboratory test used to identify and quantify the number of bacteria in a urine sample. This test is often o

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SPECIMEN: Urine In Sterile Container

Test Details (Parameters included : 6)

Parameter No. of Parameter


Culture, Urine

Urine In Sterile Container

Automated identification & MIC

7:00 PM (Daily)

2ml Refrigerated

Frequently asked questions

A culture urine test is generally considered to be a reliable method for identifying the presence and type of bacteria in a urine sample. However, the accuracy of the test can be affected by several factors, including the quality of the sample and the ability of the laboratory to accurately identify and quantify the bacteria present in the sample.

A culture urine test can detect most types of bacteria that are present in a urine sample. However, some of the bacteria may not grow in the culture media used for the test. In these cases, the test may not detect the presence of these bacteria in the sample.

A first-catch urine sample is the first portion of urine that is expelled during urination. This type of sample is not typically recommended for a culture urine test because it may contain bacteria from the genital area or skin, which can contaminate the sample and affect the accuracy of the test. A clean-catch urine sample, which is collected midstream after the genital area has been washed, is usually recommended for a culture urine test.

Yes, you can eat and drink normally before a culture urine test. However, you should follow the instructions for collecting a clean-catch urine sample carefully and avoid urinating for at least an hour before collecting the sample.

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