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Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT-2)

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT-2)

8Hrs fasting, 75 gms glucose, 1hr after75gm glucose; 2Hrs after 75 gms glucose

A glucose tolerance test measures the body's response to glucose. It is used to screen for type 2 diabetes. This test identifies abnormalities in how your body handles glucose after a meal. Glucose is used by the body to supply energy to the cells. The food you eat is broken down by your body into glucose. A hormone called insulin helps bring the glucose from your bloodstream into your body's cells. When the pancreas can't produce enough insulin, you may need insulin injections to regulate and process glucose in the body. If your body can't produce enough insulin, it will increase blood glucose levels. High blood glucose can be a sign of diabetes or pre-diabetes. 

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Test Details

Plasma Glucose, 1st Hr Plasma Glucose, 2nd Hr Fasting Glucose

Frequently asked questions

Before the glucose tolerance test, you will be instructed to eat at least 150 mg of carbohydrates for three days before you are asked to fast. You will not be allowed to drink or eat drink anything before the test. But you can drink water 14 hours before the test.

If your glucose tolerance test results are abnormal, your doctor will ask you to make some changes to your lifestyle and diet. You may even be ordered to undergo a few more tests to confirm the diagnosis.

There are no complications or side effects of a glucose tolerance test. You may experience a bruise at the place where the needle was inserted.

The glucose tolerance test is usually completed in 3-4 hours.

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