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Do you know that approximately 2800 minerals are available on the earth? Out of all the minerals, the human body requires around 21 minerals for its survival. Among the minerals needed by the human body, calcium is an essential one. The bones in our body store calcium and use it for different purposes. Calcium is of utmost importance for the healthy maintenance of bones and teeth in our bodies. Calcium is also needed for the healthy functioning of the heart and muscles. Nerves in the human body also need calcium up to an extent to perform optimally. A total calcium blood test is conducted to measure the levels of calcium in the body.ย 

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The complete calcium blood test measures the level of calcium in the human body. One can also opt for an ionised calcium blood test, which measures the level of free calcium in the body. Free calcium is the amount of calcium in the body that isnโ€™t attached to proteins. Since calcium is an important mineral for our survival, a complete calcium blood test becomes vital at times.

A complete calcium blood test is required to monitor the body's calcium levels. People suffering from calcium deficiency also require a complete blood calcium test at frequent intervals. People with more than required calcium in the body might also need a calcium test. However, even a normal person should take a complete calcium blood test to know their current levels.

When the calcium levels deviate in the body, symptoms might not occur immediately. Higher deviations in the normal calcium level might give rise to several symptoms. Some symptoms that might call for a complete calcium blood test are as follows:

  • Excessive tiredness
  • Excessive weakness
  • Lower appetite than norma
  • Pain in the abdominal region
  • Frequent urination
  • Constipation
  • Feeling thirsty all the time
  • Pain in the bones and joints

As discussed above, the calcium levels in the body will be indicated by the complete calcium blood test. The normal range for calcium in the body is between 8.6 and 10.3 mg/dL. Therefore, higher or lower calcium levels than the normal range will not be good for the body.

A healthy person should take a complete calcium blood test once a year to monitor their calcium levels. However, people suffering from calcium-deficiency diseases might have to take a complete calcium blood test every one or two months.

Diagnostic centres offer a home sample collection facility for a complete calcium blood test. However, the cost of the calcium test will increase due to home sample collection. Therefore, if a diagnostic centre is nearby, it is better to visit it for a complete calcium blood test.

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