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Indirect Coombs Test (ICT) Serum

Indirect Coombs Test (ICT) Serum

No special preparation required

The Indirect Coombs Test (ICT) Serum is a blood test used to determine antibodies in the serum that may react with and damage red blood cells. The test, also known as the Indirect Antiglobulin Test, is named after its creator, Robin Coombs. Coomb's test was introduced in 1945 by Cambridge immunologists Robin Coomb. This test is done to the blood (serum) liquid part to detect antibodies in the bloodstream that could attach to certain RBCs causing extreme problems during blood transfusions. It reveals the presence of antibodies responsible for red blood cells auto haemolysis. If the recipient serum has any kind of antibodies, they get attached to the antigens present on the donor's red blood cell surface and form antigen-antibody complexes.

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Frequently asked questions

No, the ICT serum test does not cause discomfort. It is a simple blood test that involves inserting a needle into a vein in the arm to draw blood. Nevertheless, as with any blood test, there is a minor risk of bleeding, infection, or bruising at the place where the needle is inserted. Individuals using blood thinners or having a bleeding problem may be at a higher risk of bleeding and should notify their healthcare practitioner before the test.

No, you cannot do the ICT serum test at home. A healthcare professional will collect a blood sample and send it to a laboratory for examination.

The results of the ICT serum test are normally reported within a few days.

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