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Malaria Antigen Detection (Rapid)

Malaria Antigen Detection (Rapid)

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Malaria is a deadly disease carried by mosquito bites infected with microscopic parasites. The mosquito inserts malaria parasites into your blood when it bites you. Rather than a virus or bacteria malaria is caused by parasites. Malaria can cause severe health problems such as convulsions, brain damage, difficulty breathing, organ failure, and death if not treated.ย 

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Plasmodium Vivax (PV) Plasmodium Falciparum (PF)

Frequently asked questions

By demonstrating the presence of malaria parasites in human blood, malaria rapid
diagnostic tests (RDTs) aid in the diagnosis of malaria. RDTs provide an alternative
to clinical diagnosis or microscopy, particularly in situations where high-quality
microscopy services are difficult to come by.

The danger of getting a blood test is extremely low. Even though you can have some
slight discomfort or bruising where the needle is inserted, most side effects are

Consult your doctor right away if you have malaria symptoms and you have recently
travelled to or resided in a place where the disease is prevalent. To prevent the
spread of malaria to others, it is equally crucial to seek treatment as soon as

Your physician may suggest a retest if the test is negative but you still have its
symptoms. It is critical to determine whether you have malaria so that you can be
treated as soon as possible.

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