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Bilirubin Total

Bilirubin Total

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The Bilirubin Total Test checks the levels of a yellow substance called bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin comes from breaking down red blood cells and is important for assessing the health of the liver and blood. The liver handles bilirubin, making it easy to dissolve in water so that it can be removed through bile and expelled in faeces. Normal bilirubin levels vary with age, and newborns may have slightly higher levels as their livers develop. High levels in adults could indicate liver diseases like hepatitis or cirrhosis, or conditions involving the breakdown of red blood cells.

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Bilirubin Total

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the test is sensitive to a range of liver conditions, including fatty liver disease and liver inflammation.

Typically, fasting is not required for this test, making it more convenient for patients.

There are some medicines or drugs that can influence the test's results. So, tell your doctor or diagnostics expert about any such cases of medication.

The test detects haemolytic anaemias by measuring increased bilirubin levels resulting from the rapid breakdown of red blood cells.

The test is suitable for all ages, including children, and aids in diagnosing various paediatric liver disorders.

Yes, the Bilirubin Total Test is vital for diagnosing jaundice causes, offering insights into liver and bile duct function.

The frequency of testing varies based on the individual's condition; healthcare providers determine the appropriate testing schedule.

While the test is an essential indicator, additional liver function tests may be needed for a comprehensive assessment of liver health.

No, elevated bilirubin levels can also result from haemolysis or other conditions affecting red blood cell breakdown.

It can be included in routine check-ups, especially if there are symptoms like jaundice, abdominal pain, or unexplained fatigue, prompting a closer look at liver function.

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