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Covid 19

Symptoms & Treatment of Nipah Virus Infection - The Ultimate...
By: Pathkind Labs 13 Jun 2018

The recent outburst of “Nipah virus” in Kerala has created a state...

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7 Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy
By: Pathkind Labs 06 Jun 2018

Protected by the rib cage, liver is one of most crucial organs of the ...

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What Parents need to be Aware about Bronchiolitis?
By: Pathkind Labs 12 Apr 2018

Bronchiolitis is a respiratory tract infection which causes inflammati...

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5 Things to do if you have a Low Blood Platelet Count
By: Pathkind Labs 19 Feb 2018

Low platelet count is a condition known as ‘thrombocytopenia’ whic...

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Why is it Important to Know Your Blood Type and Rh factor?
By: Pathkind Labs 13 Feb 2018

Quite often, people tend to ignore the blood type they have considerin...

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What is C Reactive Protein? What Is Its Normal Range?
By: Pathkind Labs 29 Jan 2018

Do you experience the sensation of inflammation in your body? Occas...

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What Are The Strategies To Reduce False Positive And False N...
By: Pathkind Labs 06 Dec 2017

According to medical science, false positives and false negatives are ...

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COVID-19 testing
By: Pathkind Labs 07 May 1995

COVID-19 or corona virus has created a havoc all across the world and ...

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