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7 Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy

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Updated: 12 Oct 2023
Published: 06 Jun 2018
Keep Your Liver Healthy

Protected by the rib cage, liver is one of most crucial organs of the human body. It acts as a detoxifier and produces, metabolizes and excretes the toxic chemicals from our body. Also known as the “chemical factory”, liver is the largest organ in the human body having a primary function of cleansing the blood coming from the digestive tract and then passing the ultrapure blood to the rest of the body. During injuries, it serves proteins to the body that are important for blood clotting.

Proper functioning of the liver is extremely important for a healthy body. Below mentioned are some of the ways that will help in maintaining a healthy liver:

Adding a dash of lime to a glass of water first thing in the morning will keep your liver healthy and enhance your digestion process. A hygienic, well-balanced diet reduces the load on the liver and helps it effectively filter out the bacteria and viruses from the body.

Obesity can be a major reason for developing liver disorders such as fatty liver. Maintaining a healthy weight will help keep your liver healthy.

We all know alcohol is bad for the liver. While alcohol in limited quantities can be broken down by the liver, one must remember that consuming excess alcohol ends up circulating in the bloodstream affecting various organs such as brain, heart and other tissues.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is a must to flush out toxins from the body through the bladder and reduce the pressure on the liver.

Exercising regularly keeps your weight in check, avoids fatty liver disorder and increases your energy levels. It is one of the most effective ways of maintaining liver health.

Consume fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Your protein intake should be high and it should come from good sources such as nuts, beans, fish, etc. Including seafood that contains omega-3 fatty acids as a part of your diet is extremely beneficial in maintaining liver health.

  1. Add a Dash of Lime to Water
  2. Healthy Weight
  3. Reduce Alcohol Intake
  4. Ample of Water
  5. Regular Workouts
  6. Nutrient-rich Diet
  7. Don’t overeat when Stressed

Overeating to reduce stress is a very unhealthy habit as it makes the body focus more on de-stressing rather than the liver.

Knowing the exact condition of your liver is extremely essential in order to keep in a healthy state. Get an LFT blood test done to know if your liver is functioning properly or not. The best pathlabs are now even providing the blood test at home facility. So you have the advantage of knowing the condition of your liver by getting a pathology lab test done from the comfort of your home.

Stay healthy, keep your liver healthy.

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