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Dr. Pankaj Mandale

MBBS, Ph.D. (USA). MPH (USA), FIID (AUS), DPB, MBA, Clinical Research, Infectious Diseases, Medical Writing, Medico-Marketing

Dr Pankaj Mandale brings 19+ years of global leadership and cross-functional experience in MSL, Medico-Marketing, Scientific Writing, Publication, and Clinical Research in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. His core expertise deals with innovative and newer therapeutic solutions with effective strategy development across R&D, operational, and commercial functions through a data-driven, patient-centric approach. He has won over ten national and international awards for outstanding work and contributions from organizations like the American Red Cross and WKU. Dr Pankaj has authored 18 + medical and scientific content publications in media, journals, and health magazines focusing on health concerns and solutions, patient welfare, and community awareness. He distills complex medical concepts into accessible, engaging narratives tailored to diverse audiences. His adeptness in medical and scientific communication and data analysis ensures the creation of impactful medico-scientific content.


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