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Dr.Ayushi Bansal

MBBS, MD Pathology, Hematopathology

Dr. Ayushi Bansal is an accomplished Lab Head at Pathkind Labs Karnal. With an MBBS and MD in Pathology, she excelled with a Gold Medal. Her three-year Senior Residency at Government Medical College Karnal further enriched her expertise. Driven by a passion for her work, she aims to establish her lab as a pioneer in diagnostics, focusing on smart work and innovation. She prioritizes rapid TAT for FNAC, clinical correlation with clinicians, and onsite procedures. Quality reports are her priority. Apart from her career, Dr. Bansal is a semi-classical and freestyle dancer and has achieved recognition in Roller Hockey at the state level. She aims to showcase the impact pathologists can have on patient diagnosis and treatment, leaving a lasting impression on the field.


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