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Blood Test Can Give Early Alzheimer's Warning

29.01.2018 Posted By : PathKind Labs Team Share :

Thanks to a recent study, researchers have finally been able to establish a direct correlation between Amyloid Beta, a protein and Alzheimer’s disease. For what it’s worth, this path-breaking finding is believed to eliminate the need for present-day invasive diagnostic techniques, used for the investigation of Alzheimer’s disease. Instead, a simple blood test will be able to point out the presence, as well as the extent of the disease.

As is evident, such a blood test will have numerous advantages for the patients, including -

  • Easier access as compared Spinal Taps

  • Freedom from the expensive PET Scanning

  • Exemption from invasive procedures


For all we know, this protein is believed to manifest in the plaque sites of Alzheimer’s patients almost 20 years before the visible signs of memory loss, confusion, or other cognitive issues.

Even after the disease is diagnosed, there is no proper cure for it. However, there are certain drugs, which, if given at an early stage can help ward off the disease for good. Moreover, since Alzheimer’s is believed to be onset due to poor lifestyle including poor dietary habits, excessive smoking and lack of exercise, early diagnosis can give the patient a fair chance to improve his/her lifestyle.

While this test hasn’t been able to give accurate results in human beings for the time being, however, when conducted on animals, it has proved to be astoundingly accurate in diagnosing the build-up of the protein which is directly linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. If the scientists are to be believed, this test will be available for human beings in 5 years of time and will change the way this disease was once perceived and treated.

Now, if this doesn’t help you gauge the importance of timely blood check-ups, we don’t know what will. So, don’ wait any longer before you call up a reputable path lab for blood test near you and get yourself tested!


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