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Can a Blood Test Help in Early Detection of Breast Cancer?

10.07.2018 Posted By : PathKind Labs Team Share :
Early detection of blood cancer

Early detection of any cancer is extremely important for effective treatment. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women all over the world. In such a scenario, any breakthrough in the treatment of the condition gives a sense of hope to people. In fact, researchers have developed a blood test that can rapidly detect breast cancer in its earlier stages (stage 0 and 1).

According to leading cancer researchers, this blood test can detect breast cancer even before its symptoms appear. It detects unique enzyme patterns given off by cancer cells by exposing a small amount of a person’s blood to iron nanoparticles coated with a dye and amino acids. As a result, signature patterns are formed when the particles interact with cancer enzymes. These patterns can be identified by the doctors to detect the cancer.

Apart from breast cancer, this blood test can also be used to detect lung cancer at stages 1 and 2. Researchers say that the results of the test come within an hour and have a 95% accuracy. Although many medical experts say that these findings are preliminary, the study was very small, and hasn’t been published yet, it has still given a ray of hope to many people worldwide.

The findings of this particular blood test has also left several questions unanswered. For instance, even if the test identifies breast cancer at a very early stage, will a follow up CT or MRI scan be able to detect its exact location? Besides, will the results of this test actually increase the survival rate in breast cancer patients is another question in the minds of many people and medical experts.

Screening for early cancer detection in people must be done with great care and the results should also make a difference in increasing the survival rate in patients. This test involves the application of nanotechnology on a difficult problem and needs further large-population based screening studies.

While we are all waiting for a test that helps in early detection of breast cancer, we must remember that there is no overnight success in medicine. It takes continuous research, tests, and retests to achieve a positive result.

A disease as deadly as cancer should never be taken lightly and variation in any parameter of the body could be a sign of the condition. For this reason, it is extremely important to go to a top quality diagnostic center near you and get a blood test immediately done. Any good blood test lab or pathlab can accurately provide you the exact status of your health, which then helps the doctor decide an appropriate course of treatment.


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