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Coronavirus Complications: How Covid-19 Affect your Lungs

07.09.2020 Posted By : Pathkind Labs Team Share :
Coronavirus Complications: How Covid-19 Affect your Lungs

COVID 19 pandemic has drastically affected the health and lifestyle of the people all across the globe, causing an increase in the mortality rate. It is of utmost importance to understand the transmission and effects of the coronavirus to stop its spread and accelerate the treatment facilities.

COVID-19 belongs to the coronavirus family which is similar to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus and MERS (Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome) virus. Coronavirus directly affects the respiratory tract of a person and infects the lungs resulting in no symptoms or mild symptoms that may develop into severe symptoms later.

When coronavirus infects the lungs, there are possibilities that the person might get infected with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) or pneumonia, severity of which may cause death.

Cold, fever, dizziness, lack of taste, headache, shortness of breath, body pain, dry cough, etc are some of the probable symptoms of COVID-19. Other than this, the novel coronavirus affects the entire body system especially the lungs, thus damaging the alveoli (air sacks) present in them.


Most times when lungs are infected, COVID-19 patients proceed to have ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) which eventually leads to pneumonia. People having underlying health conditions infected with COVID-19 have high chances of getting ARDS.

ARDS has a major effect on the lungs; the virus attacks the alveoli (air sacs) that transfer oxygen to the blood vessel. The virus damages the walls of alveolus resulting in formation of plasma protein debris that thickens the wall of alveolus thus making it difficult for transfer of oxygen to blood cells. This deficit of oxygen in internal organs results in impaired organ functioning and the person experiences difficulty in breathing. The functioning of the lungs gets impaired and cause fatal conditions.

The damage to the alveolus eventually leads to a collection of a liquid consisting of inflamed cells and proteins resulting in pneumonia. There is a massive hindrance in the oxygen intake of the lungs thus worsening the virus attack.

COVID 19 is a respiratory disease that affects both- upper respiratory tract (nose, sinuses, throat) as well as lower respiratory tract (windpipe and lungs). Since lungs are a part of lower respiratory tract, as the virus spreads down in your body, the airways in the lungs swell. This results in swelling in one part of the lung followed by a rapid spread in other parts.

How do doctors evaluate the condition of your lungs?

  • Chest X-ray or CT scan
  • Evaluation of conditions like shortness of breath
  • Hypoxia- Low oxygen levels in blood
  • Worsening symptoms

Pathkind Labs have excellent CT scan services at best reasonable prices. If you think you are experiencing even the slightest of any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is always better to run a test. Pathkind labs offer all kinds of Government approved COVID-19 tests ensuring every safety protocol and result- accuracy.

Experiencing even mild symptoms of COVID-19 and ignoring it might result into fatal conditions in the long run. It can affect the functioning of the lungs making them dysfunctional. So, it is always better to visit a pathology lab to get tested. We at Pathkind Lab offer careful evaluation of your condition through our thorough COVID-19 RT-PCR and Anti-body tests.

RT-PCR test is the test that checks whether you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or if your body is presently infected with the virus. Anti-body tests determine whether you had coronavirus sometime in the past by detection of presence of anti-bodies in your body.

Being one of the top pathology labs in India, Pathkind Labs assure safe and hygienic sample collection and precise COVID 19 test results. Along with it, Pathkind Labs also offer the service of sample collection from your home so as to minimize person-to-person contact.

Lungs are the primary target of the coronavirus and once they get infected it becomes difficult to stop the spreading infection. Hence, it is always better to prevent getting infected by the disease rather than seeking a cure. And the best possible way to avoid getting infected with coronavirus is to practice the safety guidelines issued by WHO as well as to take an appropriate COVID-19 test. Getting an exact result of your condition will help you to understand the necessary precautions to be taken. And you can get the precise result of your condition through the COVID-19 tests done by the experts at Pathkind Labs.

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