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Covid-19: Precautions to Be Taken During the Upcoming Festivals

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Updated: 13 Oct 2023
Published: 02 Dec 2020

With number of festivals like Navratri, Diwali and Christmas lined up in the upcoming months, it is of utmost importance to celebrate these festivals with necessary precautions in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One cannot forget that the pandemic is still not completely under control and even slight negligence in following the precautions issued by the healthcare facilities can cause a massive rise in the COVID-19 cases.

It is best advised to enjoy the festivities by staying home and maintaining social-distance. In most places, public programmes having a possibility of crowding are restricted by the government however people may still visit their loved-ones to enjoy the festivals. If you are going out to meet people, safety instructions should be thoroughly followed to protect yourself as well as others. In such tiring times, it is necessary to think about self-safety as well as community-safety.

Pathkind Pathology Labs advises everyone to follow these safety guidelines while celebrating the upcoming festivals to avoid any complications:

Every person’s temperature should be thoroughly checked using an infrared forehead thermometer. Along with temperature screening, an oximeter should be used to check the person’s blood’s oxygen level. This will help to understand the condition of the person and whether he/she is fit for attending gatherings.

Regular and continuous use of layered masks and rubber gloves should be made compulsory.

Sanitation plays an important role in keeping any kind of virus at bay hence sanitizer should be carried and used by every individual. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Tanks should be installed at places having mass gatherings.

In case of any unpredicted emergencies, make sure that you have emergency contact details of local public health authorities within reach.

Try to keep the rooms/venue of gathering well-ventilated and airy with limiting the number of people participating. Outdoor venues should be preferred. The risk of getting infected with COVID-19 is more in crowded places as compared to an outdoor setting.

Try to maintain at-least 1-metre distance from each other all the time to avoid any infections.

Don’t forget the basic hygiene practices: Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; cover your nose and mouth with a bent elbow or a tissue while coughing or sneezing; regularly make use of an alcohol-based hand rub.

Consider every possible risk before going out for celebrating festivals or hosting any gatherings.

If you are the host, brief the guests about the safety guidelines beforehand, remind them during the event and make sure the rules are followed.

Try not to use the things that are already used by someone e.g. cutlery or festival-related products.

Promote regular hand-washing, temperature-check, respiratory hygiene and social-distancing at all times.

Be well aware of the risks-involved as well as the signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19 before attending any celebrations.

Celebrating festivals is an important part of our culture but it has become the need of the hour to celebrate them while following the social-distancing norms. COVID-19 has swept the entire globe by its deadly effects hence regular following of safe hygiene practices has become the new normal.

Precautions to be followed after attending festivities/gatherings:

It is an established fact that COVID-19 symptoms are seen around 12-14 days after the first contact with the coronavirus. So, there are chances that after attending small gatherings, people may get infected. If you have recently attended any celebration or gathering and are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 seek medical help as soon as possible.

There are high chances that people may get infected with COVID-19 virus after indulging in festival celebrations with group of people as people come in contact with each other. Make sure you know the full range of COVID-19 symptoms. Stay home and self-isolate yourself immediately if your body is showing even slight symptoms. Inform the people who you’ve been in contact with to avoid more COVID-19 cases.

If you have any extreme symptoms like fever, cough or difficulty in breathing contact Pathkind Pathology Labs and get yourself tested. Pathkind Pathology Labs offer all kinds of Government-approved COVID-19 tests. RT-PCR COVID-19 test and Anti-body tests are two tests involved in detection and inspection of Coronavirus. Pathkind Labs offer both the tests - with expert phlebotomists skilled in collecting your samples and giving accurate timely results.

Pathkind Labs are one of the top pathology labs with its network spanned all across India. Equipped with skilled experts and state-of-art technology, Pathkind Labs cater all your diagnostic needs.

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