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Everything you need to know about Hematology Test

By: Pathkind Labs 04 Oct 2018 250 Views
know about Hematology Test

Hematology tests help in discovering various blood conditions including inflammation, anemia, infections, clotting disorders, leukemia, and chemotherapy responses. It includes a set of tests that help in diagnosing the complications related to blood or blood organs.

Some of major tests include:

Complete Blood Count Test

Complete blood count test (CBC) evaluates three major components of blood, i.e. White blood cells (WBC), Red blood cells (RBC) and Platelets. It is recommended when the patient is potentially suffering from infection, anemia or haemato-oncological disease.

  1. White Blood Cells Test

    White blood cells assist in forming the primary defense mechanism of human body as they tend to make the body resistant to illness and diseases. The test evaluates the number of WBC’s in blood which help in diagnosis of infections and even leukemia. An increased number of WBC’s may indicate that a person is suffering from anemia or stress disorders, whereas lowered numbers may signify malnutrition or some viral infections. Patients undergoing chemotherapy tend to have low WBC count.

    Normal WBC count: 4,000-11,000 per microliter of blood

  2. Red Blood Cells Test

    Red blood cells are responsible for transportation and exchange of oxygen in the body. The test measures count of RBC’s and evaluates the cases of blood loss and chronic diseases. A lowered count of RBC’s may signal towards serious chronic inflammatory diseases, anemia and some cancers. Although RBC count can be increased by consuming nutrient rich diet. Dehydration, bone marrow failure, anxiety and stress are some indications rationale of increased number of red blood cells.
    Normal RBC count: 4.7 million – 6.7 million per microliter of blood
  3. Platelets Test

    Platelets (PLT) are essential for blood clotting and resisting blood loss. Increased number of platelets can be a result of acute infection or malignant cancer whereas congenial conditions, alcohol toxicity and anemia could be a reason for decreased count of platelets.

    Normal Platelet count: 150,000-450,000 per microliter of blood
  4. Hemoglobin Test

    Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrying protein in the red blood cells and indicates the oxygen levels in blood. Dehydration, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure are some reasons for fall in hemoglobin levels. Anemia, leukemia and lever diseases lead to increased hemoglobin level.

    Normal Hemoglobin count: 11gms-15gms per deciliter of blood
  5. Vitamin B-12 Test

    Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin that determines healthy brain functioning, nerve tissues, RBC production, and stable DNA. A simple blood test may determine the deficiency of Vitamin B-12 which results in tiredness and lethargy. Since body can’t produce these essentials, the count can be corrected with proper diet, supplements and vitamin shots.

The set includes major blood tests like blood glucose test, cholesterol test, mono screening and different bleeding and clotting tests. If you’re experiencing any dysfunctional traits, you should immediately undergo these pathology tests at a top quality pathlab near you.

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