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How to Bring High Blood Sugar Down Quickly?

Updated: 18 Jan 2024
Published: 20 Oct 2022
Understanding the blood sugar levels

Glucose is the primary source of energy in the human body. The brain, muscles, and other bodily tissues require glucose for functioning. It is also the basic building block for larger molecules in the body. For example, glucose serves as the basic building block for molecules like glycolipids and glycoproteins. 

Every cell in our body will require energy to perform metabolic actions. With the help of glucose, every cell will have the required energy to function. Even though glucose is essential for our body, there is an optimal level. You might face issues if your blood sugar level goes beyond normal. Read on to understand how to reduce blood sugar levels immediately.

Understanding High Blood Sugar Level

As discussed above, the level of glucose dissolved in the bloodstream should be normal. Usually, the blood sugar level in healthy individuals ranges between 70 to 100 mg/dL. The blood sugar level denotes the amount of concentrated glucose (in milligrams) present in 1 decilitre of blood. When a person wakes up in the morning, the glucose level is low. However, it rises by a few millimoles after having the first meal. However, the glucose level will again decline after a few hours, and the cycle repeats. Sometimes, people have persistently high levels of glucose in the body.

When the blood sugar level is persistently high, the person might have hyperglycemia. It is a condition that occurs when the glucose circulating in the blood plasma is above normal level. Usually, a person has hyperglycaemia when the blood sugar level is more than 200 mg/dL. Some people might even show extreme high glucose levels of up to 300 mg/dL. A patient with a range between 100 and 126 mg/dL is slightly hyperglycaemic. People having a range above 216 mg/dL are considered diabetic by doctors.

Individuals should know how to reduce blood sugar levels as hyperglycemia can be serious. You might have to visit the hospital a few times due to hyperglycemia. If hyperglycemia is not addressed timely, it might cause some damage to the body. For example, hyperglycaemia might cause noticeable organ damage over a period. You don’t have to wait for further damage to occur due to higher glucose levels. After detecting higher glucose levels in the body, opt for treatment immediately. A1C, Fructosamine, and some other lab tests are used to detect the blood sugar level in the body.

Controlling blood sugar levels quickly

How to Bring the Blood Sugar Level Under Control?

Besides diabetes, hyperglycemia can cause many other problems. However, one can overcome hyperglycemia by taking the right steps. With timely testing and treatment, one can regain the normal glucose level. Most people are unaware of the common methods to reduce blood sugar levels. Gen Z millennials show little or no interest in knowing the hazards of hyperglycaemia. There are multiple ways to reduce blood sugar levels. Some methods might help reduce your blood sugar concentration quickly. Let us discuss some ways to reduce blood sugar concentration quickly:

  1. Start Taking Controlled Insulin

    Insulin, a hormone produced by pancreatic islets, is responsible for regulating the level of glucose. Sometimes, insulin might not be produced sufficiently in the body. In such a situation, the individual will experience high glucose levels. Insulin absorbs the glucose present in the bloodstream, thus reducing the level. With rapid-action insulin, one can quickly reduce the level of glucose in their body. People suffering from Type 1 diabetes receive rapid-action insulin during their treatment. Diabetic patients receive a correction dose via the insulin pump to regulate the glucose level in the body.

    Many patients with Type 2 diabetes require continuous insulin therapy. For instant action, doctors suggest patients take subcutaneous insulin injections. Subcutaneous injections are applied under the skin and accelerate the rate of insulin absorption. Such insulin injections are applied to areas with high blood flow. For example, a subcutaneous insulin injection might be applied in the abdomen, deltoid, or arm due to high blood flow. Even though subcutaneous injections offer quick results, they aren’t applied to people who smoke or drink. Smoking and heavy drinking tend to reduce the subcutaneous blood flow of an individual. People suffering from obesity also might have lower subcutaneous blood flow.

    Some people might suffer from DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) or dehydration. For such patients, intramuscular insulin injections might offer instant relief from hyperglycaemia. Some people also get instant relief by intaking insulin with an inhaler. Your doctor will help you find the fastest way to get relief from hyperglycaemia. Sometimes, a high absorption rate for insulin might act as a drawback. It is because insulin is quickly used by the body, and the blood sugar concentration might go up again. Before taking insulin to treat hyperglycemia, don’t forget to consult with your doctor.

  2. Take Proper Medication for Diabetes

    Do you want to know how to control sugar levels as a diabetic patient? Well, diabetic patients are more vulnerable to hyperglycaemia. Doctors ask diabetic patients to take proper medications and keep their glucose levels in check. However, some patients miss their diabetes medication which opens the door to hyperglycaemia. If you have missed a dose of your diabetes medication, take it immediately after you remember. However, don’t double-up your diabetes medication, as it might have adverse effects. If you missed numerous doses, contact your doctor to decide the next course of action. Many diabetic patients miss their medications and face trouble due to high glucose concentrations in the blood. Some diabetic medicines that also provide quick relief from hyperglycemia are as follows:

  • Doctors offer Symlin, a pramlintide injection that reduces the amount of glucagon in the body. Glucagon is a digestive hormone secreted in our body that augments the blood sugar level. With Symlin, the secretion of glucagon in the body can be controlled.

  • Doctors might offer Precose to lower the glucose concentration in the body. With the help of Precose, doctors can enhance the capability of your body to break food items that contain starch and sugar.
  • Doctors might offer Metformin to enhance the insulin sensitivity of the body. Metformin reduces the ability of the liver to produce sugar.
      3. Exercising

Exercise is also one of the effective ways to treat hyperglycemia. It is a natural method to keep your blood sugar level in check. With the help of exercises, you can lower the insulin resistance of the body. Your            body will convert glucose into energy with daily exercise. When you perform physical activities, your body demands energy. To get energy, the body will break down the sugar. As a result, the blood sugar level              will automatically go down. If you are wondering how to control sugar levels naturally, exercise is the right choice. Fast-paced walking, swimming, and cycling are some exercises to treat hyperglycemia.                        However, if there is an emergency condition, you will have to seek a doctor immediately.

     4. Drinking Water
      Doctors also ask patients to drink water and bring their glucose levels down. Staying hydrated is the key to controlling hyperglycemia. However, one should ensure that the water is without any adulteration. With          the help of unsweetened fluids, kidneys flush down excess glucose in the body. People suffering from hyperglycemia should drink at least six cups of water a day. Start taking control of glucose levels in 2022!


Diabetes is not really something to be scared of. With a close tab on blood sugar levels, diet modifications, and lifestyle changes, sugar levels are easy to manage. Get yourself tested regularly for HbA1c, RBS, FBS, and PPBS.

To book a Diabetes Test, visit our website or you can even visit our nearest Pathology laboratory for more information.

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