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Preparing Your Family for Cold and Flu Season: Prevention is Key

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Updated: 13 Oct 2023
Published: 02 Feb 2021
Preparing Your Family for Cold and Flu Season

Winter is here! And with it comes the sniffles, the coughs, the colds and all that lies between! This year, getting a cold or cough isn’t just inconvenient, it’s intimidating. With the pandemic still raging on, we need to be extra sure that a simple cold or flu doesn’t cause more complications than there ought to be.

So, what are the best ways to avoid a flu? Well, there are quite a few and the best part, they’re quite easy to follow. All you need to do is…

Get a Flu-Shot

Make sure all the members of the family get a flu-shot well in advance. In case of the flu virus, the vaccine prevents the virus from spreading by expelling it out of the body.

Maintain respiratory hygiene practices

Air-borne diseases get transmitted from one person to another via saliva droplets expelled in the air. To avoid transmitted flu, cold or cough maintain hygienic respiratory practices. Make sure you cough or sneeze in a tissue or closed elbow. Inculcate the habit of using a mask wherever you go.

Wash your hands often

Washing your hand thoroughly and frequently wards off any germs on the surface of your hand. Scrub your hands with soap and water for at least 15 minutes. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer when required. Keep a sanitizer bottle handy in your car as well as at home.

Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

Taking precautions to disinfect your house or workplace is just as important as disinfecting your body from germs. Inculcate the habit of sanitizing the things you often touch. Mobile phones, keyboards, doorknobs, remote controls, etc should be disinfected regularly.

Who are at a higher risk if they get the flu?

Everyone can be afflicted by the flu during the winter months, but a few groups of people are especially vulnerable to it. They include:

  •  Children – A building immune system means they are more prone to any after effect and hence need to take better care.
  •  Pregnant women – Women carrying a child need to be extra careful of their health, as they have to consider both themselves as well as their child to be.
  •  People above the age of 65 – The older you get, the more chances are of your organs and antibodies weakening. So, just like the lockdown, make sure the elders of the house stay indoors.
  •  People with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, lung diseases, respiratory diseases, HIV/Aids

Here’s what to do if you catch the flu

If you start feeling uncomfortable, find a thermometer and check your temperature. If it is at or above 100 degree F, it means you have a fever, which may have come from the flu. Your doctor may tell you to take basic antibiotics like a pain-killer or cough drops. Do not self-medicate! Ask your doctor to diagnose and recommend treatment.

The flu can leave oyuweak and dehydrated. So ensure that you are eating mild meals regularly while also drinking ample amounts of water. You may feel nauseous or have a loss of appetite. These are normal, but make sure your body is getting enough food to keep itself strong. If the symptoms persist after a week, consult your doctor.

The Final Word

Just like we mentioned above, getting a flu in 2020 can mean more than one thing. To be doubly sure it isn’t Covid-19, get a Covid-19 RT-PCR test along with an antibody test done at the comfort of your home with Pathkind Labs. Our state of the art testing facilities can give you the results that can help your doctor treat you better, even if what you have is just a common flu!

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