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Reasons for the Rise in Heart Attacks Among Young People

By: Pathkind Labs 21 Dec 2021 276 Views
rise in heart attacks among young people

Just a few decades ago, a normal cause of demise among the older people was heart attack. Heart attack or a myocardial infarction occurs when all or some parts of the heart muscles do not get enough blood. While it was fairly common among the old, a recent trend of heart attacks in the younger people, has left people and doctors grappling for answers. With celebrity deaths and even more and more news emerging about heart attacks in younger people, now there is a bigger need than ever to understand this and what causes heart attacks in young people, so we can intervene and treat in time. While there is no definitive age group for heart attacks, one’s lifestyle, frequency of exercise, eating habits, stress management, diseases like diabetes and other factors can help determine if they are at risk.

Measures to Take

A surprising takeaway from recent times has been the effect of supplements and gym workouts on the heart health in young people. Doctors advise getting a full heart check-up done before signing up for intense workouts and supplements, all of which can negatively impact your heart if not monitored and administered in the right manner.

Doctors also suggest keeping other lifestyle diseases in check like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. which can be caused due to genetic factors as well as eating habits like consuming too much processed foods, smoking, drinking, not getting any physical activities etc.

Cardiovascular diseases can also be triggered by extreme stress, anxiety and other mental health problems. So experts suggest keeping a track of the same, seeking help when needed and overall learning proper stress management through counselling and other means.

Another threat to heart health, as per doctors, is obesity. Being overweight can put much pressure on your heart, which in turn can lead to heart diseases. Moreover, being overweight can also lead to many other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, which in turn can compromise on your overall health.

Another known devil that the doctors point to is smoking and even other substance abuses. It is no secret that smoking and excessive drinking can degenerate your body in more ways than one, including weakening the heart health.

However, as everyone agrees, prevention is better than cure - so the most important thing to do is stop guessing and start correcting, that is getting a full body and heart check-up done by doctors from an early age, so they can suggest any changes in your lifestyle, habits etc. that can prevent such cardiovascular diseases. This is also a good time to learn about your hereditary tendencies and diseases and learn more about how to keep them in check.

Eating Rituals

With the changes in everyday lives and the advent of the fast-paced lifestyle, it is becoming increasingly common among the youngsters to skip meals or eat a takeaway on-the-go, eat out more regularly, eat more processed food and often retort to fast food as the solution to hunger. All of these can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, liver diseases and many more such illnesses. Not to mention the effects of consuming excess caffeine and soda, can also be detrimental to your health.

For better health, it is a good idea to cut down on the junk food and instead include whole foods and fresh foods in your diet. These include fresh produce, natural grains, pulses and seeds and healthy fats and protein. A balanced diet of all the necessary nutrients can be easily achieved at home by cooking your own meals, eating fresh fruits, making salads or soups and generally retorting to home-cooked meals. These are fresh, devoid of preservatives and excess oil and fats and spices, all of which are not good for your health in the long run.


The number one evil in today’s life is a sedentary lifestyle. Easy access to transport, work-from-home jobs, remote jobs and overworking on a screen - all of these contribute to a sedentary lifestyle, where one doesn’t even get ample time or energy to get any physical exercise. This lack of physical activities can lead to bad posture, obesity and other diseases, including but not limited to cardiovascular diseases. It’s a good idea to consult your doctor and learn more about what and how much exercise you should get in a day and follow it accordingly.

Another habit that can cause severe cardiovascular diseases and other problems is smoking or vaping. Smoking, for both men and women, has shown to have adverse effects on mental health, heart health, reproductive health and much more. Moreover, there is an increase in consumption of alcohol and using other recreational drugs is also not uncommon - also of these can do more harm than one might imagine, including causing heart problems. Thus, it’s a good idea to discontinue these habits to lead a healthier life.

Stress management is also an important habit that one must learn from the young adult stage as it is an increasingly common cause of diseases among the youth. Excessive stress, too much mental pressure, anxiety and other such everyday triggers can negatively impact your mental health, and thus in turn your physical health. Seeking help through therapy or group therapy or counselling can help one learn effective skills in managing stress, thus improving the quality of life and health.

With these tips, and regular check-ups with the doctor, you can keep a check on your overall health and work on leading a more active and healthy lifestyle, thus keeping heart diseases at bay.

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