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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes - How to Do It?

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Updated: 20 Nov 2023
Published: 01 Nov 2022

According to studies, 1 out of 11 Indians is a diabetic patient. Diabetes is common in India, and most people suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is uncommon in India, as only 5% to 10% of total diabetic patients have it. One of the biggest reasons for the increasing diabetes burden in India is the lack of awareness. 

People aren’t aware of the reasons that lead to diabetes. The new generation of the 21st century shows no interest in knowing the right lifestyle to avoid diabetes. Some people think that there isn’t a diabetes cure. You should know that many people have successfully defeated Type 2 diabetes with the right lifestyle, nutrition, and treatment. Read on to understand how to reverse Type 2 diabetes and make the right choices.

What Happens in Type 2 Diabetes?

Before knowing ways to reverse Type 2 diabetes, you should be familiar with the condition in its entirety. Type 2 diabetes occurs when a person has abnormal blood sugar levels for a prolonged period. People having Type 2 diabetes have blood sugar levels of more than 100 mg/dL. Even if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes, there is a risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

With Type 2 diabetes, the body becomes resistant to insulin, a peptide hormone. Insulin is the hormone that can bring abnormal blood sugar levels back to normal. Without insulin, there is nothing to control the amount of sugar in the bloodstream. As blood sugar levels rise, people experience several problems. However, patients might reverse Type 2 diabetes by making the right choices. With some lifestyle choices, people can bring their blood sugar levels back to normal.

Effective Ways to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Are you looking for a Type 2 diabetes cure? Well, you can win over diabetes with some simple changes in your lifestyle and diet. Some ways to reverse the effect of Type 2 diabetes are as follows:

Ways to reverse type 2 diabetes

Monitor Your Eating Habits

Eating habits are directly connected with Type 2 diabetes. Several food items tend to increase the blood sugar levels in the body and the severity of Type 2 diabetes. For example, some diabetes tests require patients to drink a sugar-based drink. It is because sugar-based drinks tend to increase the sugar concentration in the body. It will help get the right measurement of sugar concentration in the body. After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you cannot eat food items that decrease the insulin resistance of the body.

People having Type 2 diabetes should avoid food items rich in fats. Fat-rich food items make our body resistant to insulin, thus increasing blood sugar levels. Trans fats, saturated fats, and artificial fats are a big no for Type 2 diabetic patients. You should also avoid ghee, margarine, and fat-rich meats to reverse Type 2 diabetes. Even if you are consuming fats, try to consume natural fats. Fats derived from coconut, durian, nuts, and other items might not degrade the health of Type 2 diabetic patients.

Getting control over fats is not enough for Type 2 diabetic patients. Diabetic patients have to gain control over their carb intake. Studies have shown that carbs can also impact the sugar concentration in the body. Carbohydrates are finally broken down into simple sugar in the body. 

Consuming food items that contain artificial sweeteners or simple carbs aren’t helpful for diabetic patients. White rice/bread, fructose corn syrup, and refined sugar will only increase blood sugar levels. However, not all carbohydrate-rich food items are bad for Type 2 diabetic patients. Diabetic patients can eat fruits, starchy vegetables, beans, peas, unprocessed whole grains, and quinoa to control their blood sugar levels.

Besides gaining control of carbs and fats, Type 2 diabetes patients should consume proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Plant-based proteins can help people to reverse the impact of Type 2 diabetes. Minerals like chromium, vanadium, vanadium, and potassium can help reverse Type 2 diabetes. Controlling your nutrition is the best natural diabetes cure for patients.

Indulge in Therapeutic Fasting

For reversing Type 2 diabetes, you can also fast. However, it will differ from a normal fast as the person will take fixed amounts of calories in a day. In therapeutic fasting, the person goes without high-calorie food or drinks. The minimal number of calories required by the body is taken by the patient. 

The diet prepared for therapeutic fasting is usually low in carbs and fats. Also, a meal within a day might be skipped in therapeutic fasting. For example, a person might skip dinner on one day and lunch on some other day. However, therapeutic fasting will provide good results when done right. You will have to consult your doctor or dietician to choose the right course for therapeutic fasting.

Focus on Physical Activities

Most people who don’t know how to reverse diabetes should start exercising. Exercising is one of the best ways to reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally. When you exercise, your body will require more energy. To extract energy, your body has no option but to burn the excess glucose. 

When excess glucose is converted into energy, the sugar concentration will automatically come down. Doctors suggest that Type 2 diabetes patients should indulge in moderate physical exercises for around three hours a week. If possible, diabetic patients should exercise for 30 minutes daily to reduce the sugar concentration in the blood. If you are interested in intense physical activities, try to exercise for at least 75 – 80 hours a week.

Jogging, cycling, swimming, walking, sprinting, and ballroom dancing are some exercises that might reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Besides exercises, you can also perform daily-life physical activities to reduce your blood sugar level. For example, you can climb stairs several times and control your blood sugar level. Such activities are for people who don’t have time to exercise or cannot hit the gym. Diabetes cure is directly linked with physical activities and burning excess glucose.

Smoking is Forbidden

One of the first things to reverse Type 2 diabetes is to stop smoking. Tobacco consists of nicotine that reduces the insulin responsiveness of body cells. Since body cells do not react to insulin, excess glucose keeps on building. When tobacco smoke combines with oxygen in our bodies, it leads to oxidative stress. It is crucial to note that oxidative stress is one of the biggest reasons for Type 2 diabetes. Besides smoking, Type 2 diabetes can also avoid drinking.

Reduce Your Stress

Do you know that excessive stress is a cause of Type 2 diabetes? When someone stresses, some special hormones are secreted inside the body. These hormones tend to increase blood sugar levels. Some hormones can instantly increase the blood sugar levels in the body. To avoid stress, Type 2 diabetic patients can indulge in yoga and meditation. Patients should try to live in a positive environment to avoid stress and control blood sugar levels.


Besides changing your lifestyle, you also have to take the right medication for Type 2 diabetes. To keep a check on the blood sugar levels, you have to take HbA1C, OGTT, and fructosamine tests at frequent intervals. Take blood sugar lab tests and control your lifestyle to reverse Type 2 diabetes! 

To book a Diabetes Test Packages, visit our website or you can even visit our nearest Pathology laboratory for more information.

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