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The Warning Signs of Five Severe Diseases

10.01.2020 Posted By : PathKind Labs Team Share :
The Warning Signs of Five Severe Diseases

It is always better to be cautious and prevent yourself from illness, as it could lead to severe diseases. A proverb says Prevention is better than cure, which is only possible when you know how to identify and understand the signs and symptoms of various diseases. Then only you can take substantive steps towards avoiding chronic diseases.

One must learn to treasure health as health is the key to achieve success in life. Hence, it is necessary to keep a keen eye on the signs and symptoms your body shows. What may seem like a trivial thing today may turn out to be a symptom of a deadly disease. The motive is to educate people to identify the signs and symptoms of five severe diseases, identify their causes, and take care of yourselves while treasuring your biggest asset- your health.

Five severe diseases in the world today are:

Here are the signs and symptoms of these diseases so that if you think you are experiencing any of the symptoms of these diseases, you can immediately take viable steps to avoid it with Pathkind Pathology Labs.

Coronary Artery Disease

Burning, aching, pressure or numbness in your chest are the most visible signs of coronary artery disease. This disease occurs when plaque is found in the coronary arteries i.e. the passages that supply oxygen and blood to your heart. If you are feeling shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, dizziness or palpitations it may be a cue for coronary artery diseases. It causes the risk of heart attacks and blood clots.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should see a doctor immediately. Pathkind labs offer solutions to coronary artery diseases. Doctors might order diagnostics like ECG, echo, or stress test


When a part of your brain doesn’t receive blood supply, one experiences a stroke. It is quite risky and requires immediate action to be taken, as the brain cells begin to die during a stroke. Significant symptoms of a stroke are headache, sudden confusion, facial drooping, or numbness on one side of the body. One might not be able to speak, see, or even have difficulty walking.

If you feel you are going through these signs or someone around you is having a stroke, call for help immediately, as time is extremely crucial in such times.


Alzheimer is a disease in which a person suffers from a reduction of cognitive abilities and memory loss that affects their daily life. Some common symptoms of Alzheimer can be confusion, being forgetful, poor judgment, or alienation from daily activities.

If you feel you are forgetting things it’s better to take a test to assure whether you have Alzheimer's or not. You can get tested for the same, and show your reports to the doctor. If you feel or have any of these symptoms, then it is better to take a test for Alzheimer to be sure. You can get tested for the same, and show your reports to the doctor. The doctor can carefully evaluate your condition based on your physical, mood, and neurological tests and accordingly give the diagnosis.


The cause of Diabetes is insufficient insulin in your body, which often increases blood sugar levels. What is insulin? Insulin is a significant element that helps your body to use sugar as an energy provider. If you feel you have suddenly started eating more, have increased appetite, including thirst, frequent urination, dry mouth, fatigue, or weight loss, then you might have diabetes.

There are two kinds of Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. You should immediately see a doctor if you have the slightest suspicion of having diabetes. Pathkind labs offer a variety of diabetes detector tests like Oral Glucose Tolerance or A1C test.

Respiratory infections

Symptoms like cold, cough, nasal, or lung congestion, sore throat, and runny nose are the symptoms of common flu. However, when these signs last for a prolonged period, coupled with breathing difficulties and breathlessness, can lead to serious respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis.

It is necessary to start medication and complete the course. Incomplete medication may not heal your condition completely, which results in severe conditions. Pathkind labs have efficient sources of diagnosis related to respiratory diseases and help you to avoid it during the initial stage.

We are giving you a gist of the signs and symptoms of these diseases. Even if there is the slightest doubt in your mind regarding any sign or symptom, Pathkind Labs can help you to diagnose the right cause of your problem. We assure you that we, Pathkind labs, provide necessary assistance, educate you with signs, effects, and diagnosis.

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