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Things Your Blood Types Say About Your Health

Dr Rishika Agarwal 814 Views
Updated: 11 Jan 2024
Published: 19 Dec 2017
Blood Types Say About Your Health

When it comes to maintaining a healthy body, simply following a nutritious diet and indulging in regular workout sessions do not suffice. It is important that you also look beyond your outer appearance and take a sneak peek into your blood type. This, after all, is one aspect of your being that you cannot change. Depending on your blood type - A, B, AB or O - you may or may not be susceptible to certain diseases and maladies. So make sure you opt for a blood test to know which blood group you belong to.

Below mentioned are certain diseases that are primarily caused due to the type of blood you carry:-

  • Cognitive Impairment: More often than not, people with blood type AB are at an increased risk of discrepancies in cognitive performance, and even memory loss. This is usually due to some proteins present in the blood, as well as certain clotting factors.
  • Stomach Cancer: Again, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology points out that people with blood type AB are at a 26% higher risk of stomach cancer than people with other blood types, and those with type A are at 20% higher risk than those with type B and type O. This is possibly due to the presence of a bacteria called H. pylori.
  • Ulcers: Here again, the bacteria named H. pylori is to be blamed for putting people with blood types A or AB at a greater risk of suffering from ulcers. Some scientists believe that this blood type has a significant impact on the body’s response to the bacteria, but no direct correlation has been established yet.
  • Heart Disease: Unfortunately, even this disease attacks more people with blood type AB than those with other blood types. However, in this case, people with blood type B are also at a greater risk. This is due to the fact that these blood types at a higher risk of inflammation.

If you don’t happen to know your blood type, make sure you call a reputable path lab for blood sample collection and receive the reports at the earliest, so that you have an idea of the ailments that you’re at a risk of. That being done, you can bring about certain changes in your lifestyle and stay as healthy as possible.

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