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What Are The Strategies To Reduce False Positive And False Negative?

Dr Rishika Agarwal 715 Views
Updated: 16 Jan 2024
Published: 06 Dec 2017
Strategies To Reduce False Positive And False Negative of Covid-19

According to medical science, false positives and false negatives are concept analogous to errors in statistical hypothesis testing. In a laboratory test, a positive and a negative result communicates differently. False positive, very commonly known as false alarm, is a result that gives wrong affirmation about a condition of a patient’s body. Whereas, a false negative is the result of a test that cannot detect the existing ailment in a patient’s body. Since, these results seem to have a huge negative impact; medical scientists have done a lot research and planned out various strategies to curb these errors. Let us find out.

False positive and false negative are technical errors and thus, need close investigation of the system used in tests. In order to solve the problem of false positive, it is important that the IDS configuration is checked and reviewed. By taking advantage of the SIEM/Log Manager’s capability to manage and identify conditions like attack against invalid, no longer vulnerable and thwarted systems, false positive in test result can be restricted. If the log manager can discover and sustain the existing configuration, it can easily suppress false positive in a test result. An intelligent SIEM/log manager can control the false attacks reported by the IDS. By adjusting the suppression rules of a log manager, it is quite easy to identify known internal scanners, thus eliminating false positive. The main challenge is to reduce the redundant workload that information security will put on verifying threats. An intelligent and capable log manager creates more chances of getting null false positive results. On the other hand, false negative results can curb by keeping the IDS detection database up to date. If there is a false negative in a test result, it clearly means that one or more tire of security have been compromised. It is very important that unused services are disabled and patches are up to date. This way, one can easily reduce the possibilities of false negatives in a test result.

These steps can really help in reducing false positive or false negative in blood test result. A good IDS system and an intelligent SIEM/log manager with up to date detection database laboratories can diminish the chances of any of these conditions.

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