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What To Do Immediately After You Test Positive For COVID-19?

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Updated: 13 Oct 2023
Published: 26 May 2021
Test Positive For COVID-19

After you have taken your COVID-19 test and the results have come out as positive, there are a number of things that need to be done so as to avoid any further complications during the recovery process. In saying this, it is important to keep in mind that most people that contract the virus face mild symptoms and recover relatively easily. The mortality rate of Coronavirus has also been more or less the same over the past 6 weeks. Hence, when looked at it objectively, a smooth recovery from the virus can be achieved.

Step 1 - Self Isolate

As soon as you have tested positive for the Coronavirus, you must self-isolate as soon as possible. Make the necessary adjustments and preparations to isolate yourself from all the household members for at least 14 days since the last possible exposure to the virus. Try to isolate yourself in a well ventilated room. Keep the doors closed at all times and wear a triple layer mask as much as possible. This mask must be changed every 8 hours and the used mask must be correctly disposed to avoid contamination of the surroundings. A single caretaker should regularly check up on you provided that they are wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and an N 95 mask. During the period of self isolation, it can become taxing to be devoid on any physical interactions. Make sure to keep in touch with loved ones through social media. It is also recommended to utilise this time to take up some hobbies and activities like painting, singing, writing and so on to avoid boredom as much as possible. Try to maintain a positive environment to avoid your mental health from taking a toll.

Step 2 - Regular monitoring

It is absolutely crucial to monitor yourself and check on your recovery progress and statistics throughout the isolation period. Use an oximeter to frequently check your oxygen levels as well as a thermometer to check your temperature. It is good to maintain a record of all your results and any irregularities can help identify as to whether further assistance is required. Eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated. This aids in keeping your immune system as stable as possible and promotes a smoother recovery.

Step 3 - Medications

It is advised to resort to supportive medicines such as cough syrups and paracetamol to help any mild symptoms of the virus. However, you must never listen to anyone besides a professional and take any other medications or antibiotics unless specifically prescribed by your doctor as this could aggravate the infection or cause unnecessary side effects which would retard the recovery process. Always consult a doctor or an expert before implementing any drastic medical changes to your recovery and self isolation routine.  

Step 4 - Seek medical attention

Medical attention is necessary regardless of the severity of the infection. In general infection scenarios, the right self isolation procedure and care is satisfactory for a seamless recovery without the need for hospitalisation. Stay in touch with a doctor through phone or video calls to help check for diagnosis and recovery progress reports. However, in the case where the infection is between moderate to severe, contact a doctor immediately. If you are having difficulty in breathing, persistent pain, a fever of 101 degrees celsius or above or are finding it difficult to wake up or stay awake, it is advised that you contact a professional caretaker. There are just a few of the symptoms caused by the new variant of the coronavirus.

Step 5 - Stay calm

Stay relaxed and focused as soon as you test positive for COVID-19. The saying, “Worrying means you suffer twice.” is a very true statement as the problem most likely is not as bad as you would think about in your mind. Most of the scenarios and possibilities that you would overthink about may not even occur which means that you may have spent unnecessary time stressing about hypothetical situations which could adversely affect your recovery process. Maintaining a stable and calm state of mind is vital during the isolation and recovery phase.

The entire duration of the infection may be as stressful or as stress free as you allow it to be. The true key is to stay composed and take the necessary actions as required and prescribed by a doctor or a professional. In order to avoid the virus winning the battle over your body, you must first conquer it in the mind. 

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