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1,25-Dihydroxy vitamin D

1,25-Dihydroxy vitamin D

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What exactly is Vitamin D, and why do I require it?

Vitamin D is a general term for a class of fat-soluble, structurally related sterols that function as hormones. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium and the maintenance of strong bones throughout your lifecycle. When the sun's UV rays come in contact with your skin, your body generates vitamin D. Fish, eggs, and fortified dairy products are also good sources of vitamin D. It is also prescribed as a nutritional supplement. Before your body can utilize vitamin D as Vitamin D2 & D3, it must go through many processes. The initial change takes place in the liver and is circulated throughout the bloodstream. Here, your body transforms vitamins D2 & D3 into calcidiol, known as 25- hydroxyvitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for our body. Vitamin D deficiencies can pose issues at any age. Doctors may offer supplements or other treatment options if you are severely deficient. Eating vitamin D-rich foods and using vitamin D supplements can help maintain your vitamin D levels constant.

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1,25-Dihydroxy vitamin D

Frequently asked questions

A vitamin D test requires no specific preparation.

Having blood drawn carries a few minor risks, which could include:

  • Excess bleeding
  • Several punctures to find proper veins
  • Fainting or experiencing dizziness
  • Hematoma (blood gathering under the skin)
  • Infection (a minor possibility of skin breaking)

Within a day after sample collection, your test results will be available the same day
to your healthcare physician.

Yes, our physicians will visit your home to collect the sample at your convenience.

Diagnosis tips:
Get these critical tests done with a trusted and reputed medical service provider for accurate
results. We, at Pathkind Labs, help our customers with the exact values of your test with
the same-day results for the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. Our sample cut-off time is daily 5 pm.
The test will be performed as soon as the sample reaches our lab.

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