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Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA), IFA (Hep-2)

Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA), IFA (Hep-2)

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Have you ever wondered what the power of Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA) can do for your health? This powerful test is used to detect autoimmune diseases, infections, and other health issues. The IFA Test is a comprehensive approach to help you understand the presence of ANA in your system.

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Frequently asked questions

An ANA/IFA test may be ordered when someone is suspected of having an autoimmune disease such as lupus or Sjรถgren's Syndrome. It can also be used to monitor existing autoimmune diseases and check for any changes over time. Additionally, it may also be ordered when someone experiences symptoms such as fatigue or joint pain but there isnโ€™t a definitive diagnosis yet.

ANA/IFA tests have high accuracy levels when performed correctly, however false positive results may occur depending on factors such as age and pre-existing medical conditions. Additionally, false negative results could occur if there arenโ€™t enough antibodies present in the sample for detection by IFA testing methods.

If your results come back positive for anti-nuclear antibodies, this indicates that your body has developed autoantibodies against its own cells and tissues; which typically leads to an autoimmune disorder like lupus or Sjรถgren's syndrome. If your results come back negative for anti-nuclear antibodies then it suggests that you don't have an active autoimmune condition at this time; however, this doesn't rule out future potential risk factors for developing one later on down the line.

The IFA test is performed by first taking a sample of blood or tissue from the patient. The sample is then placed onto a slide that has been coated with antigens from various types of cells found in the body. If ANAs in the patientโ€™s sample bind to any of these antigens, then fluorescent dye can be added so that they become visible under a microscope. A technician will look for specific patterns formed by these ANA antibodies that indicate which type of autoimmune disease may be present in the patientโ€™s body.

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