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Bone marrow Slide Review

Bone marrow Slide Review

Stained smears required. No special staining charges are included. Provide detailed clinical history

One of the most important haematology diagnostic techniques is the microscopic analysis of bone marrow. The World Health Organization's (WHO) most recent recommendations for the diagnosis of the lymphatic system and bone marrow cancers maintain the value of microscopic investigations of the bone marrow while, when necessary, defining more exact morphological criteria to minimise ambiguity.

More precise immunological or molecular markers have been found for numerous disorders, which, when compared to microscopic examination, allow for a much more accurate assessment of abnormal cell numbers.

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A review of the bone marrow slide may be done for many reasons. One of the main purposes is to identify and track illnesses or abnormalities that damage the bone marrow, like anaemia, leukaemia, or lymphoma. Reviewing a slide of bone marrow might help find abnormal cells or other alterations that might be a sign of these diseases. A review of the bone marrow slides can also be used to gauge how well a particular ailment, like cancer or blood problems, is being treated.

People with symptoms or medical issues that may be related to the bone marrow are typically advised to have a bone marrow slide evaluation. It is significant to remember that a bone marrow slide review is only one element of a thorough diagnostic examination, and other tests might also be suggested.

You can do a few things to be ready for a bone marrow slide review. Talk to your doctor, dress comfortably, take pain medication, plan a transport home, and adhere to any further directions they may give you.

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