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Culture Aerobic

Culture Aerobic

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No special preparation required

Sample Type
Any specimen In Sterile Container

This test is carried out by a microbiologist to identify the bacteria that are the primary cause of a certain infection, particularly one that affects the skin and soft tissues. Several bacterial species are the germs that this test may identify. Bacteria are tiny organisms that can be found within and outside of a variety of other organisms, including humans. They can be circular, rod-shaped, or spiral, among other shapes. Moreover, bacteria are divided into aerobic and anaerobic categories based on whether they require oxygen to survive. For development and survival, aerobic bacteria need oxygen. 

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Specimen Incubation Period Culture Aerobic Manual Antibiotics (Body fluid) Result (Aerobic Culture 24 Hrs) Incubation Period (Aerobic Culture 48 Hrs) Result (Aerobic Culture 48 Hrs) Organism Identification (Aerobic Culture)

Frequently asked questions

To determine if you have a bacterial infection, a bacterium culture is a test which can be carried out on a sample of spinal fluid, skin, mucus, blood, faeces, or urine. A medical expert can utilize this kind of test to establish the root of the infection and the best course of action.

A bodily site's pus or other correctly collected substance (abscesses, eyes, tissue, wounds). Syringes containing needles should not be sent.

In 3 to 5 working days the test results are given.

There are no known hazards associated with a swab, blood test, or submitting a sample of your urine or stool.

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