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Culture, Body Fluid

Culture, Body Fluid

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Asitic, pleural, BAL, peritoneal, pericardial, synovial fluid In Sterile Container

A body fluid culture test is performed to detect and identify the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the body. A wide variety of pathological processes and diseases lead to abnormal fluid accumulation within the body. A body fluid culture is done to identify the underlying cause of this accumulation. It is done by localizing and removing the fluid burden and sending fluid samples to laboratories for detailed analysis.  

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Incubation period(Body Fluid) Result (Body fluid) Result (After 72hrs body fluid) Manual Antibiotics (Body fluid) Comment (Body fluid) Organism Identification (Body Fluid)

Frequently asked questions

Generally, you will get body fluid culture test results in 18-24 hours. The time duration can vary depending on the laboratory where the specimen is being analyzed.

A body fluid culture test is performed to identify and isolate the pathogenic microorganisms in the body fluids. The growth pattern and colour at the growth area will represent the bacteria growing in your body fluid.

The body fluid culture test is also known as aerobic bacteria culture, aerobic culture, superficial wound culture, and aerobic wound.

The body fluid culture test can be slightly painful as the aspiration of the fluid can cause pain. Therefore, the technician must explain to the patient the entire procedure so that they can be mentally prepared for the test. The pain will go away in a few hours after the test on its own.

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