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DLC (Differential Leucocyte Count)

DLC (Differential Leucocyte Count)

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White blood cells (WBCs), also known as leukocytes, are present in organs, tissues, cells, and the immune system. They protect the body and its organs from infection at the tissue and cellular levels. WBCs are of different types. Differential Count (DLC) or a blood differential test helps find the number of immature or abnormal white blood cells in your blood. 

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Frequently asked questions

The blood differential test is safe for most people. So, you can consider it to be safe for you. Some mild symptoms that you may experience due to it are bruising dizziness or mild pain. These symptoms do not last for a long time, though.

On taking steroids, the number of WBCs starts increasing in the body. It can impact the results of your blood differential test. So, your provider will advise you not to take steroid or steroid-related medications before having the test.

You do not need to worry about making any special preparations from your end before taking the test. All you need to do is adhere to the instructions of your provider.

They will take your sample for the blood differential test with the help of a needle. It is a usual procedure and there is nothing to worry about. Though you may experience a tingling sensation at the time of the insertion of the needle, it will go away soon. Also, you do not need to worry about the mild symptoms as they will also not last for too long.

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