Sample Report

Factor XIII Activity

₹ 350/-



Factor XIII Activity


Whole Blood In 1 Blue Top (Sodium Citrate) Tube. Mix Thoroughly By Inversion. Transport To Lab Within 4 Hours. If This Is Not Possible, Make PPP Within 1 Hour Of Collection As Follows: Centrifuge Sample At 36 Rpm For 15 Min. & Transfer Supernatant To A Clean Plastic Tube. Centrifuge This Supernatant Again At 36 Rpm For 15 Mins. & Finally Transfer The Supernatant (PPP) To 1 Labelled, Clean Plastic Screw Capped Vial. FREEZE IMMEDIATELY


Clot Dissolution With 5M Urea

Cut Off Time

Sample Cut off : 12:00 PM (Daily), Report : 3rd Working Day

Quantity and Temperature

(3 ml) (Ambient)


Overnight Fasting Is Preferred. Duly Filled Coagulation Requisition Form (Form 15) Is Mandatory. It Is Recommended That Patient Discontinues Heparin For 1 Day And Oral Anticoagulants For 7 Days Prior To Sampling As These Drugs May Affect Test Results. Discontinuation Should Be With Prior Consent From The Treating Physician.


Sample Cut off : 12:00 PM (Daily), Report : 3rd Working Day
(NOTE:TAT will start after sample reaches the lab)