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Gall Bladder Stone Analysis

Gall Bladder Stone Analysis

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Sometimes, stone-like structures are formed inside the gall bladder due to several reasons. Stone-like structures are also found in the bile duct of an individual. Stones formed in the gall bladder are also referred to as gallstones or cholelithiasis. The gall bladder or bile duct stones are usually made of bilirubin or cholesterol. Some individuals might face issues due to a single large stone in the gall bladder or the bile duct. For some individuals, there might be multiple small gallstones that might cause problems.  

People having gallstones often face pain in the abdomen area. Some individuals might need immediate treatment for gallstones, while some may not require treatment. The treatment for gallstones depends upon their location and how big they are. Sometimes, people might not experience symptoms until the gallstone is big enough. From dietary treatment to surgery, there are numerous options to treat gallstones

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Gall Bladder Stone Analysis

Frequently asked questions

The Gall Bladder Stone Analysis informs about the presence of gallstones in the body. After the gallstone sample is tested, you will get to know about its composition. The test will tell you about the type of gallstones present in the gallbladder or the bile duct. With different methods like GLC and FTIR, the Gall Bladder Stone Analysis detects the exact composition of the stones. After the type of stone is determined, the treatment can be started.

People who neglect gallstones might face serious consequences. For example, people might start suffering from jaundice due to gallstones. You cannot wait for pain in the abdomen to worsen. For the same reason, you need a Gall Bladder Stone Analysis test at the right time. Sometimes, gallstones might not show any symptoms in the body. In such a situation, you need the Gall Bladder Stone Analysis test more than ever. Even though there arenโ€™t any symptoms, you can confirm the presence of gallstones with a Gall Bladder Stone Analysis test.

Several bodily symptoms might lead to a Gall Bladder Stone Analysis test. For example, people experiencing pain in the upper abdomen or the right shoulder might need a Gall Bladder Stone Analysis test. Nausea, vomiting, flatulence, clay-coloured stools, and paleness of skin are also some symptoms that indicate the presence of gallstones. Sometimes, gallstones in the body might not show any symptoms.

People undergoing treatment for gallstones will require a Gall Bladder Stone Analysis test at frequent intervals. By doing so, they can check the effectiveness of gallstone treatment. People experiencing severe pain in the abdomen will need a Gall Bladder Stone Analysis test immediately.

Since the gallstone sample is removed via surgery, home sample collection is usually not available.

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