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Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen (HBeAg)

Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen (HBeAg)


Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen (HBeAg) test is performed to determine the presence or absence of the active hepatitis B virus. HBeAg signifies hepatitis B e-antigen. It is a protein that can be detected in the blood when you have an active hepatitis B infection. If you are HBeAg positive, the hepatitis B e-antigen is present in your blood, and you can easily pass it to others through your body fluids. Hepatitis B is one of the most serious liver infections in the world caused by the hepatitis B virus. This virus attacks and injures your liver.  

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Frequently asked questions

Babies born to mothers infected with the hepatitis B virus must undergo special screening and treatment for the same. If children have liver inflammation symptoms, they need to undergo the hepatitis Be virus antigen (HBeAg).

Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen (HBeAg) test is also known as Anti HBe Antigen PCR Blood, Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen PCR Blood, Hepatitis B e Antigen PCR, and HB e Antigen PCR Blood test.

No, you don’t need to fast before the Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen (HBeAg) test. You should always follow the instructions of your doctor or technician if you’re undergoing this test.

You should avoid biotin supplements before undergoing Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen (HBeAg) test because they may alter the test results.

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