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HIV Antibody, Rapid Card

HIV Antibody, Rapid Card

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The virus that causes AIDS is called HIV (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The last and most severe stage of an HIV infection is AIDS. Without therapy, HIV slowly weakens your immune system, which eventually results in AIDS. Your body struggles to fight off infections from microorganisms that often don't create issues in healthy people if you have AIDS. These infections, often known as opportunistic infections, have the potential to be fatal. You run a higher chance of getting some cancers if you have AIDS.

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Comment, Serum HIV Antibody, Rapid Card

Frequently asked questions

HIV can usually be detected 18 to 90 days after exposure using a rapid
antigen/antibody test performed with blood from a finger stick. An antigen/antibody
lab test using vein blood can typically detect HIV 18 to 45 days after exposure.

HIV tests performed after the three-month window are more than 99.97% accurate.
They are effective against all HIV strains and subtypes. There are very few medical
tests that are completely accurate. There will still be cases where someone is HIV
positive but is not detected.

You will test positive for HIV even if you are undetectable. This is to be expected and
does not indicate that your medication is ineffective.


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