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Insulin PP (Post Prandial)

Insulin PP (Post Prandial)

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The pancreatic beta cells secrete the hormone known as insulin. After a meal, it is released in response to rising blood glucose. The movement and storage of glucose which is our body's main energy source depends on insulin. This test checks the blood's insulin levels two hours after a meal. If you have diabetes, low blood sugar, and symptoms like sweating, wooziness, palpitations, or fainting, your doctor may recommend this test. It can help your doctor determine whether you have Insulinoma or insulin resistance.

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Insulin, Post Prandial

Frequently asked questions

Your diet and beverages include glucose. Insulin is a hormone that aids in transferring glucose, often known as blood sugar, from the bloodstream to your cells. The Insulin PP test detects the level of insulin in your blood.

Before the test, you should probably fast for eight hours without any food or liquids. Then take the Insulin PP test after 2 hours of eating your food.

If you had excessive insulin levels, you might have:

  • Detects type 1 Diabetes
  • Detects type 2 Diabetes
  • Resistance to insulin
  • High blood sugar condition called Hyperglycemia
  • Low blood sugar levels called Hypoglycemia
  • An adrenal gland condition called Cushing's syndrome. The adrenal glands produce hormones that aid in the body's breakdown of protein and fat.
  • The glucose levels from the test may help in checking pancreatic tumours with a few other tests.
  • Pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas

According to our research, testing should be done between 45 and 120 minutes after a meal. We would prefer a 60-min interval based on our clinical expertise and nutritional recommendations because patients can more readily calculate this and have more freedom to consume the advised amount of food. The test results are declared on the same day.

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