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Kidney Biopsy & Immunofluorescent Assay

Kidney Biopsy & Immunofluorescent Assay

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Kidneys are essential in our body to remove waste materials. Excess water is removed from our bodies with the help of kidneys. Kidneys also help maintain the balance of crucial chemicals like potassium and calcium. Sometimes, kidneys stop functioning efficiently, and we have to face severe consequences. To determine the effectiveness of kidneys, a kidney biopsy test is required. A kidney biopsy can determine a damage/disease that cannot be determined otherwise. Doctors also want patients to undergo these biopsies to determine a course of treatment. The biopsy process involves taking one or more samples from your kidney. These samples are then studied under the microscope to determine any abnormality. Kidney issues are critical and need to be solved as soon as possible. If damage in the kidneys is overlooked, it might be life-threatening. A kidney biopsy will help collect the sample required for further studies in the lab.

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Frequently asked questions

The kidney biopsy test allows lab technicians to collect kidney tissue samples. The samples are then studied under the microscope to detect kidney failure, damage, inflammation, or scarring. With the help of a kidney biopsy, the effectiveness of an ongoing kidney treatment can be determined.

You need the kidney biopsy test to determine the condition of your kidneys. If there is any damage or inflammation in the kidneys, a biopsy will determine it. People having a family history of kidney failure require a kidney biopsy test at frequent intervals. People also need kidney biopsy tests to monitor the effectiveness of ongoing treatment.

If blood, protein, and red clots are discharged in the urine, you might need a kidney biopsy and immunofluorescent assay test. Nephrotic syndrome is another reason to take a kidney biopsy test immediately. You can consult your doctor to know when’s the right time to take a kidney biopsy test.

Healthy individuals can opt for a biopsy once a couple of years to monitor the condition of the kidneys. People undergoing kidney treatment will need a kidney biopsy test once every quarter/month to measure the effectiveness of the treatment. If you start showing kidney damage symptoms, opt for a biopsy test immediately.

Home sample collection facilities for kidney biopsies are available at an extra charge. However, not all labs conduct kidney biopsies at home.

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