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Stool pH & Reducing Substances

Stool pH & Reducing Substances

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The Stool Reducing Substances Test is done to detect the presence of unabsorbed sugar in your stool. Reducing sugars like glucose, fructose, galactose, pentose, and lactose can be identified in your stool through this test. This test can also be used to distinguish between diarrhoea caused by a parasite or viral infection and diarrhoea caused by the excretion of various abnormal sugars.

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Stool for pH Stool For Reducing Substances

Frequently asked questions

No risks are associated with the Stool pH & Reducing Substances Test. You should, however, ensure not to take certain medications before the test as they may lead to inaccurate results.

You should stop taking certain medications like ascorbic acid, streptomycin, cephalosporins, neomycin, kanamycin, salicylates, and penicillin, as they can lead to false-positive test results.

Your doctor may order the Stool pH & Reducing Substances Test if they suspect you have diarrhea, necrotizing enterocolitis, short bowel syndrome, deficiency of the disaccharidase enzyme, and lactase deficiency.

A healthy personโ€™s average stool pH should be 6.6.

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