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Weil Felix Test

Weil Felix Test

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Weil Felix Test

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The Weil Fellix test requires a blood sample, which is taken from a vein, just like other serological tests.

The basis for the Weil-Fellix test is the agglutination reaction that takes place when certain protease bacteria are introduced to antibodies made against rickettsial species. The serum sample from the subject is mixed with a suspension of proteus antigen, and if agglutination develops, the test is positive.

The Weil-Felix test doesn't call for any extra preparations or fasting. The test is can be conducted whenever a person wants to get it done.

Weil-Felix test findings could be either positive or negative. Positive results indicate that you have a ricketssial infection.

Diagnoses of rickettsial infections can be challenging, and a negative Weil-Felix test does not always indicate that you are free from the infection. If your symptoms continue, you could require another test.

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